Busy Busy Busy

It's only been three weeks and we are swamped!
Have no fear!! Things will be happening.
Soon enough the website will be ready and all will be well in the land of Calgary Fashion.
I hope everyone has caught at least one movie at the Film Festival and if not I urge you to go.

Images coming soon.
I know I know.
Be patient!

Always me

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No I haven't Forgotten

September 20th to September 23rd

No I havent forgotten the other pictures, there is just so much going on.
Be patient with me.
We are working so hard on the actual CalgaryFashion website and can't wait for all of you to see it.

We are all so excited about it.

Pictures from everything will be up next week.
Fingers crossed!


Model Behaviour

I can't believe the weekend is over already! I had another amazing weekend and i'm a little sad I have to get back to the school books!
One Up was fantastic and I have pictures to prove it! The B-Boy and B-Girl community as well as Graffiti "writers" and Hip Hop artists came together to not only celebrate the life of Jason Lepke but to keep the hip hop culture alive in Alberta.
I enjoyed every moment of each showcase, the bboy/bgirl battles, the dj's scratch exhibtions, the graffiti writers doing their thing and of course the style represented out there.
So much fun!
I hope you all had a good weekend!


In The Mean Time.

CC One
Busy Busy Busy!
To be honest i'm very tired this weekend but loving the opportunities that keep coming at me!
One Up Today, be there or.....not whichever you prefer.
I'll be there come say hiiiiiiiii!!!

Side Street Pictures From Community Cloth Street Fashion Show.

One Up.

I'm away from my laptop all weekend, which is sad as I would love to finish editing fashion week photos and the current events I have been to! However life happens and super cool events keep taking place.
I had a lot of fun at the street fashion show yesterday and got some great shots, it's overwhelming when there are lots of photographers out there aswell, always worried about being the best but what is that really?
It's good to see that though, I loved it, fast paced and all. The lighting out there was excruciatingly painful to shoot in, sunlight everywhere but I made it happen for myself so it's allllllllllllll good!

Come down and see me at the Hipband Kiosk from 10 onwards if you can! Located in Sunridge Mall, Second Level next to Garage Clothing!

I'll be there helping my friend out!!

If not sunday come say hi to me at One Up a graffiti convention thats sure to entertain.
It's an all day event so come down there and support Calgary.

Have a good weekend guys.


Fashion Street Show.

If you are in the area and just happen to be walking down 5th Street SW at about 4.30pm tomorrow look out for Community Cloth's Street Fashion Show.
If you dont happen to be walking down the street and dont run into me there, come down to Broken City where Kitchykoo's Fall Fashion and Art Issue will be launched.

I hope to see some of you out there, i'll be with camera as always!



Photo courtesy of Community Cloth.


Commenting on the photos has now been enabled for anyone to do so if they please!
Hope everyone is enjoying the somewhat good weather we are having.



PHUNK - Street

Street Photos from my Breaks

Braydon and Julia

Joel and Merag


Whew, The Frolik Set is finally done!
Couldn't be more happier for everybody to see that.
I was lucky enough to hang out backstage with the wonderful girls that ripped the runway all through fashion week.

Event crew staffing had amazing people helping back stage.
It got rather crowded around there as it was a small space, we had a good time overall, helping out with dressing and making sure everything was set to go.

Hey girls! Hope you like the pictures!

Thanks to the designers and models for being so accommodating and Event Staffing Crew for letting me have my camera on- site!


I've always wanted to say that! ;)


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