Less Is More

ACAD graduate Clayton Evans reveals his aw09 complexgeometries collection, a contemporary fashion line based out of Montreal. Evans pieces breathe fresh life into our consumer driven culture, letting you feel stylish and comfortable.

The pieces are sold in select stores across the world, with major following in New York and Tokyo.
Calgary can now purchase these constructed garments through the online store.

Bring a little shape to your basics, I'd say.

Check back for my interview with the new label!

Meet My Muse(s) #5

"What people say isn't going to stop me. I have to do things for myself".
-Kate Moss

"I am now determined to do really weird parts but I think I overdo it in auditions so nobody really trusts me! ".
-Robert Pattinson

"Never say never. The things that you don't plan are the best. I'm a very spontaneous person".
-Lindsay Lohan

These three are my latest obsessions and really need no introduction, they all have carefree style and all have a little mystery to them.

I could not chose just one muse so they all are!!

Photographs courtesy of Hypebeast

Getting It Right

Dear Jak&Jill Blog;
I Love You. This is the most perfect High/Low outfit I have ever seen. Leave it to the Parisians. 


From Vancouver Canada the Eskiboys at Artlife for their artshow/instalation, these two guys have been painting like mad men the last week and the show is looking so good!Come down to ArtLIfe Gallery

The pictures are from the Friday show and to say it was a success is a understatement.
Come down check the art out and get some before its all gone back to vancouver!

Check the website because they have some really wicked t-shirts.


Jamie Bizness

Summer Time!

Can You Argue?

“Supermodels, like we once were, don't exist any more.” Claudia Schiffer

Fancy Feet

Of all my weaknesses, shoes are the worst. I used to think that shoes weren't anything compared to the luxurious fabrics, drapings, and cuts of clothing, then I felt quality leather. And discovered Tracey Neuls, a shoe maker and designer from Winnipeg. Her shoes are more art than footwear, and each pair is signed by the cobbler who made them. The leathers are dip-died, painted, and soft and smooth as butter. AND Neul's has used vintage fabrics (with gold paint) to cover shoes. So really, everyone wins. Split into three categories, the designs within each section encapsulating a certain feel (and price range). Currently working out of London, England, the shoe wizard has her own lovely shop/workshop just off of Bond Street. If Marie Antoinette were alive, Tracey Neuls would be her personal cobbler.

Antler Magazine

Antler Magazine is an online publication that deals with all things beautiful and inspiring.

Recession Proof

Ah, autumn, my favorite season. Mostly just for the layers, layers, layers. But really, it's Calgary so we're pretty much layering all year round.

H & M's Autumn/Winter '09 collection preview really caught my eye, especially the women's. I'm really liking the bigger/oversized pieces, huge collars, and the somewhat monochromatic color scheme. Hope the Calgary locations will carry some of these.

To see more of the men's collection visit Selectism
To see more of the women's collection visit Carolines Mode


Yesterday I was looking around and researching Azzedine Alaia when I came accross "Made With Sweet Love". The site was started by Whitney Lee, where she latch-hooks pornography into rugs AND on top of that she sells custom kits so you can make them yourself! Whitney's artist statements are on point, no pun intended, and drive home the depth of these usable works of art. With the "recession" among us you could have weekly tea/rug hooking parties like our grandparents! Sorta.

Photos via Made With Sweet Love website.

And Who's Who?

Traditionally a combination of masculine and feminine elements, androgyny in the contemporary fashion world has quickly become a prominent flagship in the collections of many of this centuries most noted designers. As the parameters of what is considered to be socially acceptable in our society in terms of garments have shifted from taboo to please-do, a new generation of experimental styling has emerged amongst the aesthetically oriented alike.

The intrigue I've had with this concept over this past year has left me baffled as to how to effortlessly re-invent myself into a dichotomized pedestrian strolling through the streets without looking like a total buffoon? The answer: own your look. So, with my new found inspiration, I've been slowly trying to create a harmonious mix of what I believe to be a balance of femme et monsieur. But who really knows anyway, right? Personally, I think that straddling the fine line of fashion adds interest and keeps people guessing slightly longer than they'd like to be, so why not take some risks and see what happens?


Nom De Guerre

Today I put together some mens outfits for a fashion shoot this weekend. One of the cornerstone outfits is a 3 piece suit from a line called Nom De Guerre. I pulled it from Gravity Pope Tailored Goods in Edmonton, this store is the destination for fashion North of Calgary.
Nom De Guerre is truly on another level and it is a real treat to have the opportunity in Alberta to add any of their pieces to your wardrobe.The next closest place to find them is Seattle...not that I'm adverse to traveling to the birth place of plaid...er I mean grunge.
Just check out the inspiration for the 2009 Spring/Summer: "The "Storm and Stress" collection is an amalgamation of a range of influences resulting in the creation of an ideal expression of youth.
Corresponding to Sturmund Drang, the Spring Summer 2009 collection, combines history and myth in a free expression of extremes albeit, with the parameters of military ideologies and references.
The result is a mythic subculture of boys, untainted by the weight of reality that might prove adverse to idealism, who are instead, driven to extremes of character by a sense of hyper-idealism.
Therefore, the clothing is in actuality, a proposal for a uniform to outfit a conceptual regiment. The resultant Spring/Summer 2009, collection takes cues from early cavalry units and regiments of various European forces, blending these into an amalgamated uniform.
"The pieces of these proposed uniforms are fabricated in light blues and various grays, colors mimicking the horizon line; then, these base colors are set off by midnight blue and white, elemental colors of regimental dress clothing." ~NDG.

Stay wonderful my pretties.

Giving the Cold Shoulder

video courtesy of ELLE UK

A Model Canadian

If only everyone's first job involved flying to an exotic location for a photo shoot. For Calgary model Stephen Kroeger, his first modeling gig was just that. The twenty-year-old university student is already signed with four agencies and has lived in New York City and Greece for work. After his gym teacher suggested he go talk to an agency about a future in modeling, Stephen signed with Mode. Kroeger, in Greece working at the moment, was at his construction job last summer when he got a call from his manager. "My first real photo shoot was really exciting...I got a call telling me I had been direct booked to do an editorial for Sir magazine...in the jungle in Columbia." From there, things started picking up. Kroeger spent January in New York, living in Queens. While it seems like a dream, Kroeger says it's frustrating to be living in a different city, or country, and trying to get work. Unlike anything that the hockey player and sports enthusiast had experienced, the lack of work got to be a drag. With not much to do, Kroeger says, "I started to miss home quite a bit; my family friends, and definitely the food."

A cold winter in January was soon replaced by his current stint in Greece, where beach time and site-seeing is on the agenda, along with many a go-see. Group go-sees are tough, says Kroeger, as you try and stand out among several other models and have no chance to talk one-on-one with any of the booking agents. When asked what his favorite go-see was, Kroeger replied, "My favorite go-sees or castings are the ones I'm able to go to by myself and actually have some time to talk with the editor." The personable Canadian is most enthusiastic though about all the different people he's met, with models from the USA, South Africa, South America, and even Israel at the hotel where Kroeger is living. The country with the most model representatives though? Canada of course.

The job has definitely changed his views on the fashion industry. "Before I started modeling, the only things I knew about modeling came from the movie Zoolander and tabloid magazines." Now, Kroeger has come to see he's among equals, with most of the models he's met being either university students or graduates. Warned that editors, photographers, and booking agents were rude, Kroeger says he's never had a bad experience with anyone and has met incredibly nice people. As for his plans for the future, Kroeger thinks he'll model while he finishes university, and maybe for a few years after, but can't see himself getting into it as a career. "I don't want to end up like Johnny Drama, from Entourage, going to castings and fighting for jobs."

Thanks Stephen!

Let Them Eat, Fashion

I just found this movie again in my huge pile of dvd's and thought I should watch it, since it has been a while since i have seen it, and oh my God I forgot how much I love everything about this movie and I love every thing they wear! I am mainly obsessed with Marie's hair in the movie. I love how big and over the top it was ( the scene where she has a ship in her hair as an accessory, mad love!) and the outfits were amazing. all the gowns and how they were young with all this
money at there fingertips to w
aste on themselves and party and look good while doing it!

The movie has a pop to it which I love. Every detail in the film ties in with the fashion! I cant really list all of the fashion I loved in it mainly the big feathers, the pattern on the dresses, the fans, just all of it!

Photographs via Sony Pictures

Photo of the Day - Anna Wintour Walks!

Sorry Anna, we love you for your genius - but I have to say this is really strange for some reason.

photo courtesy of  Heron Preston @ Supreme Management 

Words of Wisdom

"Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it."
-Yves Saint Laurent
image courtesy of Boston.com

Snowboarding, Skating, and Rugby, Oh My!

This coming Saturday, Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy is hosting an auction and party to benefit her cause of choice- Stoked.
Werbowy is an avid athlete, spending her down time snowboarding, skiing, and getting down and dirty playing rugby.
When her friend Sal Masekela (the host of X Games) let her in on Stoked's cause, Werbowy signed up instantly.
Stoked helps underprivileged and at risk teens attend sports camps. From surfing to skiing, the teens get a chance of the lifetime to travel places they wouldn't otherwise be able to go and challenge their inner athlete.
Werbowy has even donated her own used equipment to Stoked and to the auction this weekend.

Check out Stoked's cause at the Stoked official website ---> Stoked or take a page out of Werbowy's book and donate to a local charity.

FFWD is holding their annual Best Of Calgary awards, and has a great list of local charities that are favorites of Calgarians.

Calgarian Model Brian Lamacraft Walks in Raoul A/W 09

Calgarian Model Brian Lamacraft, represented by I Model Management, walked in the Raoul A/W 09 collection at the Audi Fashion Festival this week.  Stay tuned for more updates!  Check out the video at:

Style Muse

If you're like me, there's usually a certain person or two that you google every so often to see what they're wearing/doing next. Mine would be Kate Lanphear, the style director at US ELLE magazine. She keeps her outfits looking simple, effortless, and of course amazing. I'm really liking how she layers and sticks to more neutral colors.

images courtesy of Style Scout, Stylesightings, Superfantasticpicturetime

Calgarian Models Walk in Gareth Pugh A/W 09

Calgarian Models Brayden Jenssen and Amanda Balsdon, both represented by I Model Management, walked in Gareth Pugh's A/W 09 show at the Audi Fashion Festival this past week. Check the video out at:

Parlour Magazine

My favorite local "Alberta" magazine!!

Like any magazine it must be held in your hands to be truely appreciated. The unique size, paper quality and content make it a staple on anyones coffee table. Parlour has done a great job with the web site to give you all the wonderful content online so you can enjoy it right now by clicking {here}. Cover girl Lady Gaga has helped to give these locals some international status, as Perez Hilton featured it on his blog shortly after its release...

Is Alberta Canada's best kept secret, or does everyone already know and I just live under a rock? And by rock I mean cable television.


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