Happy New Year

It's been a good year with Calgary Fashion, we gained more exposure through Fashion Magazine and we also welcomed 4 new bloggers, Selina, Yana, Garrett and Jordan. The content has been great and I have been very happy with the progress of the blog. We hope to keep bringing you all the fashion news we can for the city. Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and thank you for checking us out!

Happy New Year!

Calgary Fashion

Wake Up In A Book

For the December Fantastic Fashion Fantasy issue, British Vogue did a special spread titled, "Tales of the Unexpected" shot by Tim Walker. It featured the irisistable Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter capturing the surreal interpratation of old Roald Dahl classics, such as "James and the Giant Peach" and "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory". I absolutely love Dahl's stories and illustrations, so this was especially a treat for me.
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After a very speedy, but very cold photo shoot we all went back to David Jonathan's apartment where he made Jordan and I shots of espresso...which I found to be a lot bitter than I remembered. I told David that I’d been wanting to interview him for a long time and if he wouldn’t mind me asking a few questions. I could tell I had caught him a bit off guard, but after a few laughs he was excited to get started.

Garrett Naccarato: So to start, what inspires you? Like what to do you do to overcome creative block?

David Jonathan: Well I don’t get creative blocks really, ideas jut come randomly in my head at any time. I could be driving downtown and all of a sudden get an idea for the next photo shoot. I sometimes though look through model portfolios and listen to music. I really try to capture the moments in-between the photos, they are more natural and relaxed. I’m never really struggling to come up with ideas.

GN: What are some messages you want your photography to convey?

DJ: Well I try to bring out the model’s thoughts rather than their figure. I talk and try to get to know them so we can become comfortable with each other and I find that it makes it easier for me and the model to communicate during a shoot. I like to capture the environment and make it as interesting as the subject. When I shoot someone I try to get them from every possible angle. I like shooting in an ambiguous nature. I try to not capture the perfect image, that’s just boring.

GN: Tell me about your photography then...

DJ: Well my photography is my art, it’s the one thing that’s me and the one thing that I have.
My art is very personal to me and I know that some people will like it and others won’t.

GN: Do you have any favourite types of people to shoot?

DJ: Hmm...I like taking pictures of new or average people. I find they are much more natural and expressive. It feels more authentic to me.

GN: Any themes revolving around your photos?

DJ: Androgyny. I love playing with sexuality in shoots.

GN: Who are your favourite photographers?

DJ: Erwin Olaf, and also local and friend photographers. Oh! And Joshua Mcveity of course...can’t forget him.

GN: Why did you choose to become a professional photographer?

DJ: It wasn’t really something I thought I’d be. I mean I definitely had an interest in it but, I guess things just all fell into place. Now it’s all I know.

GN: Do you have any preference to the type of clothing being worn on the people you photograph?

DJ: Well it depends. I really like fabric drapery and loose clothing. Also a classy or just a simple look. Sometimes I pick out the clothing, but most of the time I prefer to shoot people with distinct personal style.

GN: What styles do you like? Like on yourself

DJ: Well while I was in Montreal recently I basically loved everything everyone was wearing haha. But I like street style and the designer Paul Smith. Right now I’m really into beige colours, or any earthy tone colours actually I love plaid. I own so much of it. But I’m more concerned with what other people are wearing . Oh....and I love beards!! Haha

GN: What do you like to read? For inspiration and stuff?

DJ: Hmm...V magazine, I have a ton of them. I study art history and read old Vogues. I’m more inspired by older things rather than new.

David is a freelance photographer and currently landed a job working for a modelling agency.
See more of his work at DavidJ.Photo and join the Facebook Group!

Jump For My Love

So this weekend I was doing a little Value Village browsing and this record cover caught my eye. The Pointer Sisters! Honestly, I love what they're wearing! It reminds me of the movie Flashdance. You've probably heard on of their songs before.

The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited

Meet My Muse #2

This little ladies name is Nina Kolakovic.
She has great all over style, she plans on moving to a few places in the future two of which are New York and San Francisco. Her room is covered in pictures that range from high fashion layouts to Rolling Stone covers. She is my number two muse because she is so full of life and humor and one of my favorite girls to party and go shopping with! So I told her one night over drinking Lucky's and watching the movie Control that we should take some pictures and do an interview, to my suprise she was down for it and here is what happend.

Jordan Reimer
Nina Kolakovic

JR: Favorite places to go shopping?
NK: Anywhere cheap, places with a lot of sales...basically any thrift store or the occasional mall trip.

JR: Who influences you?
NK: Patti Smith, Suze Rotolo, Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise, Jennifer Boyd, and last but not least Edie Sedgwick, very common answer I know but oh well!

JR: Bands of right now that are making a difference?
NK: Ugh... (laughs) can I just tell you the bands that I'm really into right now?
JR: Sure (laughs), why not
NK: Donovan, the Grateful Dead, and all the confirmed tracks off of Jay-Z's new album and Charles Hamilton's song Brooklyn Girls...SO FUCKING GOOD!

JR: What are your favorite styles?
NK: Ugh...I don't really have any, I guess anything simple and easy to wear but still "Sui Generis."

JR: Favorite designers?
NK: I don't really have favorite designer but umm YSL has always been up there in my top favorites, unfortunately I don't get paid enough to afford such articles of clothing (laughs), Betsey Johnson, Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2009 I wish I could own all of it! As well as Chanel's pre-fall leather trousers I'm really digging those. Marc Jacobs, and why of course the great Henry Holland!

JR: What do you do in your spare time?
NK: I lurk the internet and/or nap.

JR: Who do you think are stylish men?
NK: Henry Holland, Marc Jacobs, Anthony Washington and no not the famous American discus thrower (props to Zainab Hasoon for that one) and Dj El Niño.

JR: What are your favorite fashion blogs?
NK: Ugh... I don't want to say (laughs) sorry guys.

JR: Favorite books/ author?
NK: Shit Magnet by Jim Goad, Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, most of Augusten Burroughs's books, along with Charles Bukowski, Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky.

Sales Sales Sales: Hello!!!

I'm not really an online shopper, but lately i've gotten into checking online stores. There are 2 I check on the regular, Oak NY and Karmaloop.
Oak NY are surprisingly affordable and carry designers such as Commes Des Garcons....need I say more? Karmaloop are a street wear site that carry labels such as Crooks and Castles, Puma and several others!
Oak NY are offering 50% off all Oak Collection excluding denim with other discounts on fall items.
Karmaloop are offering 40% off entire orders with the promo code: SANTA

Shannae Knows What Women Want!

Shannae over at What Women Want has just informed me that Holt Renfrow will be having a nation wide sale tomorrow! Get shopping people!!

I Just Can't Help Myself!

The Build A Boy Exclusive Jackets are in and this is what they look like for women. The problem I have with these jackets is that they lack a lining in them, however it gives you more room to do whatever you want with them in terms of layering underneath! Love the colours, love the fit!!!

This jacket will be the death of me. I have contemplated hunger over this jacket!

Did You Know?

The exclusive label to A Store Called Worth Generra was responsible for the popular hyper colour t-shirts that began in the 80s? Read about that ---> HERE
Nowadays the label is responsible for some of the chunkiest knitwear, detailed oriented dresses and shirts available to man+woman. Every lady that walks in the store goes crazy for the Generra products we carry. I try on a dress or sweater from them at least once a shift! 
More literature on Generra---> HERE! 

Get Planninnnn Get Partyyyyin!!

Click Flyers For Details!

Have You Heard?

If you haven’t heard yet of the Gallery you need to open your ears a little bit more and possibly spend a little bit more time on Facebook or on Calgary Fashion! The Gallery, located on 17th Avenue next to another Calgary Fashion favorite Worth is one of the few Calgary independent boutiques to pop up in the last year.

Calgary boy, Aaron Ellard, went after his dream and opened up the Gallery a few months ago. He brought to Calgary's stage a fresh concept, pairing art with street fashion. Similar to El Kartel on Robson Street in Vancouver, The Gallery not only sells street wear you can’t find anywhere else in Calgary but it also features local artists once a month with an opening show.

Since launching on October 4th, Ellard has held a grand opening party, two art shows featuring Darcy Obakata and Nicholas Guzman and a one-night charity fundraiser, Art & Sole (scroll down to see Kim’s photos of the PF Flyers designed by 25 Calgary artists).

“For the most part I like to stay local,” Ellard explained. “If anybody wants a show they can come bring me their portfolio.” Currently the Gallery is booked up until May, but Ellard is open to hosting a one-night show, similar to Art & Sole.

The Gallery’s main line is Upper Playground and its branch off lines fifty24sf, superFishal, Estevan Oriol and 12 Grain. Recently, Ellard picked up local designer, Erin Williams Build a Boy Black Sheep collection which is exclusive to The Gallery. (Click here to see photos on the Gallery’s Facebook group page)
Along with Williams, the Gallery carries local brand Light & Soul Apparel. For the Gallery’s next event, Light & Soul is taking over New Year’s Eve to host a party featuring local DJs, artwork and cheap drinks. “These guys they have artists that design for them so their art is going to be up. They’re releasing their new line for a few new items for the winter and the upcoming spring,” Ellard said. Tickets can be purchased at the store for $20.
Like Worth and other Calgary shops, it’s great to see places like the Gallery bringing fresh lines and supporting local talent. I personally get excited knowing the story behind the t-shirt I just bought, having the hot new purple vinyl wedge heels or one-of-kind sneakers. It’s places like these that open your eyes to how cool Calgary really can be if you just pay attention.

The Definition Of Unique

(Click Link to see Unique)
unique (explained)
French, from Latin unicus, from unus one — more at one
1: being the only one : sole
2 a: being without a like or equal : unequaled
: distinctively characteristic : peculiar
3: unusual

Art & Sole

25 artists came together in Calgary 2 weeks ago to help raise funds for the Urban Youth Worx project. The event was hosted by The Gallery on 17th Ave and brought Calgary's hippest crowd together. Local favorites, such as David Brunning, Tele Ascenio and others were among the crowd showing off their designs. Aaron Ellard, owner of The Streetlife and Styles Gallery has been meaning to do a show of this kind for a long time and the decision to donate the funds to the Urban Youth Worx was a conscious decision "They are a good fit for an event like Art & Sole, they're an organization that gets youth involved in the community and one of the ways they do that is painting murals around Calgary and doing traffic signs for school zones and such." The event was a success and the shoes are now on display for the rest of the month and the beginning of the new year. The different shoes are being auctioned and are going at a rapid pace. If you're still on the hunt for that one of a kind present for a friend or a loved one, check out the one of a kind kicks @ The Gallery (113-1013 17 Ave SW).

More photos @ Calgary Fashion Facebook.
For more on The Urban Youth Worx visit their website HERE

** News:
Van Charles winner of the Art and Sole competition will be showing at The Gallery in the New Year

Check out his winning shoe below, a personal favorite of mine from the competition!!

Hot Winter

Pick up the latest Beatroute Magazine to see Yana's spread on Winter Jackets.
Or check it out online ---> HERE
It's been one heck of a cold week in Calgary so Yana's article is definately a must read for keeping warm and staying stylish! You're gonna need it if you plan on making it to some of Calgary's hottest Winter Christmas parties!!!

Photo Credit: Yana Matusovski

21st Century Raquel

By Karl Lagerfeld
I saw this on the V Magazine home page and it instantly caught my eye
I'm in love with the way these are edited, and the jackets are amazing. Mmmm!

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