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Some of the fashion at Factory Party #3 (October 24th 2008).
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Midnight Snake (Noah York City's Remix)

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M.I.B Factory.

Photos by Randy Gibson

Because We Love You

Starting tomorrow A Store Called Worth will be having a Because We Love You Sale. 
All items will b e 20% off from Friday - Sunday. 

A Store Called Worth
119, 1013 - 17th Avenue SW

403 228 1003

Melncoly Reps C Town

Check her out @ StyleSightings

You Should Know That...

On Monday Die Junge was launched and is the new COACD online publishing collaboration with JDK.

Checkkkk It Out!

Die Junge


It pains me that I will be spending little to no time in Europe anymore. I'm dying to meet this diva!
It's been a while since a fashion object or person has really caught my attention.
Isn't he just divine?


Travis Taddeo

Travis Taddeo is a wonderful guy.
I interviewed him a couple of years ago when he first moved to Montreal and we discussed the challenges local designers face in Calgary. He is definitely one that has gained from moving to the East.
I have to look for that interview, we spent a good amount of time on the phone. Definitely worth pulling up again.

Travis Taddeo Website

Photos courtesy of Travis Taddeo.com

Celebrity Hot Tub

Some may know and some may not, but Celebrity Hot Tub is back.
Check out the promo photos and new commercials by Randy Gibson.
Check out C'est Dangereux doing their thing at The Palomino every Wednesday.
Cover = $4 before 11 p.m.
Celebrity Hot Tub always brings the stylish around and I haven't shot any street stuff in a while so it would be nice to see you all head down there! Let's get things started again!

Coming up!

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