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Never Stop Exploring

It’s going to be a big week for snowboarding and winter sports fans in Calgary. On December 8th Goodfoot Calgary will be one of the first stores to carry the new The North Face NSE Collection. Be quick however as less than 400 pieces are being shipped to Canada direct from Goldwin Japan. The collection is being shipped direct from The North Face Japan for an exclusive release.

NSE is the acronym for “Never Stop Exploring” but will be known to the general public simply as NSE.

It will be a special one of a kind collaboration with Japanese sportswear manufacturer Goldwin. The North Face will be announcing a new collection every year.

To produce the collection, Goldwin and The North Face worked closely with snowboarders and skiers to produce pieces that will consist of puffy jackets, reversible hoodies, bags and pants. The Never Stop Exploring collection has been designed to portray the white birch forests of Japan’s Kitakami Mountains.

As a main attraction of the collection the new camo print that features images of the Birchwood forests will be the key pieces of the collection. NSE will be carried at the Ransom Holding Company in Toronto as well.

NSE will find all winter athletes drawn to the special collection. It is good to note that the collection has been engineered for Japanese snowboarding and ski enthusiasts who demand the highest quality products. The NSE Collection is the latest technical innovation in winter sports apparel complete with insulation, construction and waterproof, breathable fabrics.

So if you are looking to spoil yourself this winter and look hot while rocking the slopes, NSE is sure to deliver. It may not make you a better snowboarder or skier, however it always pays when one is stylish and off the chain in the apparel department. So if you may not be fantastic at boarding or the rest, try to keep warm with an NSE hoodie, you will be sure to stand out while trying to blend into the background stylishly.

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