I dream of the day when Calgary Fashion can be my full time job!
However I still lack the proper technology in my life, the macbook has still not returned and I still have to report to Mount Royal each day.
So much going on in Calgary this month.
So much has happened and I should have pictures up before the weekend.
Also a couple stories still need to be uploaded on here.
Stay tuned for more updates

Fashion Show In The Afternoon From Last Thur

A first for Calgary Fashion!
Mr Lazerfangz celebrated his one year anniversary at the HiFi last week and started his day off with a fashion show down at TD!

It's very very red! Does that mean Valentines day is coming?
Who knows!!

Here are ze photos from a dope photo man!
Check out Scott's blog... super cool!

Friday! New Poster!

This is what is going down.


Ladies and Gentlemen

House of Dangerkat will be dancing the night away on Friday before they head off to Europe!
Please come out and support!
I'll be down there, I havent taken photos in a long long time so please indulge me this weekend!

Also also Diplo and Paul Devro are coming to town on Saturday and I will be there partying like a rockstar!

Anddd also, Legacies goes down Saturday aswell, I will be putting on the fashion show so you must come down!

Okay now here are the posters!

+ 15 Fashion Show!!

Hello All
I've been incommunicado due to technology issues!
However I feel good and I think my trustee sidekick my macbook will soon return to my hands!
In the mean time here's something for all!

Calgary Fashion Followers

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With Love From London, England

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