Nudie Party

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It was all about ass at last week's Nudie Trunkshow party at Artlife. Put on by the wonderful people at Leo Boutique, Artlife's main room was featured mainly men's jeans but there were plenty of beautiful women showcasing their assets in their Nudies best. Save your coin, the washes are amazing, the fit is amazing. It's time to get your ass in dem jeans!

xoxo Selina.

Baby light my fire

I was going through my parents
dvd's when i came across the
movie St. Elmo's fire.
I read some where it was
the movie that started the whole
bratpack group in the 80's.
watched it and feel in love
with it, I cant stress enough
how wicked the clothes are
but also the apartments these kids
lived in,i was in love with the
billy idol picture that hung in
demi moore's place!
I still cant belive it took
me this long to watch it,It
really is such a great film.

Pippi Longstocking

So interesting to look at and i really like the craziness of some of the legging designs.
But Viktor & Rolf's leggings are by far my favorite!
If i was a girl i would probably wear leggings everyday

You.Can't Handle Me

Whoooa Mama!

Market Collective 3

Meet My Muse #1

His name is "prince" paylo
He not only has good looks
But a great taste for fashion
and has loads of pictures/videos
that show behind the scenes of fashion
shows,photoshoots, or just him and his
friends hanging around his blog. Might not
all be in English but it's worth checking out!!

Kate Loves Me

Tiny Women

photo credit:

Give The People What They Want

The quality is kind of bad
But this is a night out
And here are some of the snappy
Dressed people I came across
Hanging around the city

If Only....

News Link One

Oooof, Words: Unnecessary

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Model Land

I've been doing some work for Klass Model Management and here is the first comp card made with my photos. They look pretty cool! Jesse was really easy to shoot and very comfortable with the camera. I hope to see him in publications soon and there is word on the street that he may just have been scooped up by one of Canada's leading agencies. We'll just have to keep an eye out for him.

Brian P
James P
James P with I Model was featured as a One's 2 Watch model this month as well as Brian P also with I Model. The 2 had some wicked test shots. Look out for these 2, big things are coming. 

Chad White has been a busy guy this year, he is currently in a really beautiful editorial for Wounded Magazine, he also just recently did an interview with Where The Lights End which gives some insight to his life now and the things he loves to do. He seems rather humble and just totally in love with his profession and eager to keep learning. When Chad retires from the industry, look out for him in sexy fireman gear as that is what he hopes to go into after his modeling career is done, which isn't any time soon. If this happens however he's going to be one busy man putting fires out for women set  alight by his full on sex appeal. He also talks about dealing with being naked half the time for his shoots, it's interesting to read such interviews, models are human too!! 

Heather Marks is still going strong. Every year I think her look evolves to a higher level. She's on the Black Magazine cover this month! Loving the look!

I've been waiting for more test shots of Ato, the modeling world has been taken over by several black male models, Salieu and Dominique with Red have been killing it lately, they seem to be in every magazine, on every website and the range to which they are featured is amazing. For black male models things seem to be picking up. Ato just did some great test shots for Mode, another one that I think should be watched closely. I'm hoping he gets as much work as possible, now is the time I think for modelling agencies in the city to promote their models of colour! Good job Ato, we're rooting for you. 

Photos: Models.com, Mode Models, Klass Models. 

Romaicia Naser

Found @ Worth 01

I work at one of the coolest stores in the city! A Store Called Worth is an enchanted world filled with some of the best labels in Canada as well as Europe. I've decided to start blogging about the outfits that walk through our doors. Everybody that comes through the store is always so full of energy and ever so stylish! So if you're ever on 17th come visit us and maybe we'll take some pictures!

Toronto Fashion Week Re-Cap

I've only just gotten back into the thrust of blogging.
I've been scouring the net looking for a good write up and good photographs to feel the atmospheres at the shows. I didn't really have to search all that much when the answer was right in front of me. Toronto Street Fashion.com have very good coverage of the shows.
So for all of us that couldn't be there, here is the next best thing!

Click image for Toronto Street Fashion's L'Oréal fashion week Spring/Summer 2009.

Photo: TorontoStreetFashion.com

Fashion Takes Action

The tents have been torn down, the runways removed and Toronto is back to normal life.The only runways available are the streets of the city as fashionable people roam the city day and night.Last weekend, Fashion Takes Action awoke the city and challenged ten designers to sustainably produce three outfits for their Midnight In The Garden themed gala. Everything from the materials used to the make up worked to decrease our eco foot steps on the planet.Models were dressed in sustainable materials and walked the runway with no shoes. Thien Le, Project Runway Canada winner Evan Biddell, Zoran Dobric, Nada Yousif, Carrie Hayes, Eugenia Leavitt, Jason Meyers, Aime Luxury, Damzels in this Dress, Thieves. For me, personal favourites are Zoran Dobric and Evan Biddell! Thank You Riaz for the pictures!

Nada Yousif

Zoran Dobric

Thien Le

Monica Mel

Evan Biddell

Eugenia Leavitt

Damzels In This Dress

Carrie Hayes

Jason Meyers

For More on Fashion Takes Action visit the website here ---> FTA Official Website
Photo Credit: Fashion Takes Action 2008

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