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Santogold is my new obsession.

So the Fashion Magazine Competition is finally done and over with. Results will not be released until the 9th of September so sit tight guys. Soon we will know if we won or not!
I'm betting we did!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Very Much For Your Support

Fashion Fridays


Come out tonight to say goodbye to the talented Mr Luckhurst as he leaves Calgary for the Big Apple!

See you guys tonight!


Goo Goo Ga Ga

It's amazing. I find that more versatile black male models are creeping into the system!
They are all really different, Christian from Basic Models (pictured above) has such a young smooth innocent look while Dominique Hollington (Below) with RED Models and Salieu Jalloh (Below) also with RED have this cool boy don't mess with me look that when dressed up properly and shot properly has such an alluring taste to it!
Dominique Hollington

Salieu Jalloh

Pink Sugar Boutique

I did a photo shoot for Pink Sugar not too long ago.
These are some of the shots I got from that. I am generally slow with photo processing as it takes me a long time to actually decide on what is a good shot and what isn't.
But here are some shots that I think make the cut.

Pink Sugar Boutique
105-1414 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, AB T2N 3P9, Canada
(403) 283-1161

Pink Sugar Facebook Fan Club

Pink Sugar Facebook Group

Make Up By Miss Joanne

I Finally Watched Sex and The City

I stopped watching Sex and The City a long time ago when Carrie left Aidan for Big.
I couldn't understand how she could ruin something that seemed so perfect for the ill mannered selfish Big. After watching the movie however I felt compassion for the Carrie/Big relationship.

Favourite Quotes from Sex and The City:

"Maybe some labels are best left in the closet. Maybe when we label people bride, groom, husband, wife, married or single we forget to look past the label to the person."

"And there in the same city where they met as girls, four New York women enter the next faze in their lives dressed head to toe in love and thats the one label that never goes out of style."


I just LOVE IT! when I'm browsing Frillr or Style.com or other online fashion mediums and I come across the people I know and shoot!
It makes me so proud! I love it when accomplishments are made!! It's Awesome!

Theo is with I Model Management in Calgary and VNY Models in New York and is my love of the day!
The first time I met Theo we were standing in line at Republic and it was freeeeezing!
He's so yummy!
Hungover the next day I tumbled down the stairs (for real) and with this huge grin on my face I announced to my mum and sister that "I met the most beautiful guy in the world last night, His name is Theo and he plays the cello!"
After which I went back to sleep and swore never to party that hard ever again!
It was awesome! And that ladies and gentlemen is how I met this hot and upcoming yumster!

Theo has been working all summer in New York and has done the following:

a. First Designer Shoot: Adam Spagnolo Spring 2009 Lookbook
b. First Editorial Shoot : Brutus Magazine which is a super duper cool Japanese popculture lifestyle magazine.
c. Second Editorial Shoot: Anthem Magazine
d. Third Editorial Shoot: Elite Traveler Magazine with photographer Rennio Maifredi

With all that under his belt Theo also did his first show for Nicholas K @ Pier 92 in Manhattan (Exxxciting) and has done looks for CK and showroom for Armani!

These pictures of Theo are his first ever test shots for I Model Management! Amazing test shots don't you think?

Theo on Frillr

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Sean Penhall

Street: Sun and Salsa 08

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