Fora do Brasil!

Despite today's brief snow flurries, my excitement at joining up with Calgary Fashion made me remember the dreamy dresses showcased during America's Next Top Model last night by Brazilian designer Cris Barros.

Barros' designs floated off the models as they tromped around her store in ruffling pastel confections. A former model herself, Barros started designing seven years ago.

Her inspirations are pulled from the process of designing her collections, past trips and experiences, and she has established herself as not only competent in her profession, but a designer to be reckoned with.

Modeling led the beautiful Brazilian native to completing a degree in Design. After interning with another local designer, Barros ran off to Milan to get her Masters and worked with Stephen Janson- former Dianne Von Furstenburg and Yves Saint Laurent designer- before founding her own company in 2002.

With two stores in Brazil, I can only hope that her floaty frocks start making their way to North America ASAP. Simple prints and light colors, floating fabrics draped and pinned to perfections, and finally pops of deep blue, purple, and grey all combine to make my idea of the perfect summer clothes...and if it doesn't stop snowing...I'm moving to Brazil.

It's No Surprise

It is odd how topics concerning fashion and the environment are frequently paired with eye-rolling, perplexed expressions, and an air of dismissal.  It is also odd how discussions concerning methods of how to mend our planet always seems so distant.  It seems as though things are stuck, and no one seems to believe that we currently possess the intellect and technology to remove ourselves from our damaging ways.  Fashion is not an exception.  But why can't fashion be synonymous with sustainability?  Is it because most design houses have shifted from exclusivity to mass-production?  A fear of low-profit margins?  We can theorize until we are blue in the face, as to why has fashion and the environment been made into a laughable subject, but it is important to know that there are changes being made.

The London College of Fashion and the University for the Creative Arts in the UK have added eco-fashion courses to their postgraduate lineup, Alexander McQueen's ballsy Fall 2009 RTW collection alluded to our disgusting rates of consumption, and Stella McCartney continues to be green and forces people to deal with it.  It is hard not to ignore these small but not isolated acts of green in fashion.

What about in Canada?  What are we doing that will lessen our carbon footprint in fashion?  Surprisingly a lot.  Here are some Canadian designers and companies that are green, sustainable, and just as cool.  It is no surprise eco-fashion is on the rise, because it makes so much sense.

Linda Lundström: www.lundstrom.ca

Matt & Natt:  www.mattandnat.ca

Five Left Leathers:  www.fiveleft.ca

Evan Bidell: www.evanbiddell.ca

Linda Loudermilk:  www.lindaloudermilk.com

Radway: www.radway.ca

Twigg and Hottie: www.twiggandhottie.com

Do you know of a designer or fashion company that offers sustainable clothing that is missing from this list?  We know there are more out there, but we need your help! Above picture is from Linda Lundstrom's Fall '09 collection, all recycled materials.

Paint Works

I've recently found Bil Donovan's illustrations to be very inspiring. His illustrations seem effortless, flowing, and smooth. Bil works mostly in watercolor paints and I highly recommend checking out his personal site because these pictures do not do him justice!

photos courtesy of Bil Donovan

Rocking The Cradle

World's youngest designer?

Damian Finch is just 12 years old and already he's creating quite a name for himself in the fashion world. His designs look like nothing a 12 year old would do thats for sure!
For full interview and more pictures of his Fall '09 collection visit Men Style

pictures courtesy of Men Style

New Favorite Magazine - Lula

I picked up the newest edition of LULA at Indigo Westhill's impressive magazine section last week and gushed over the content during the weekend.  Check it out!

"LULA is created for the real girls of the world who love fashion, music, art & make believe.  LULA is gentle, whimsical and ethereal in tone, mixing high fashion to fall in love with and interviews that feel like late night chats with people you wish you knew.  International stylists, photographers, musicians, artists, illustrators and journalists work towards creating a gorgeous magazine that is not only a forum for beautiful work and fresh ideas, but that reads like the honest, funny, and aspirational best friend you dream of."

We Are On A Week Long Break

Holy Crap!

We cannot even begin to describe in words what went down on Friday. Thank you so much to The Modern Leisure for such great times!

Here's some more pictures from our weekend.

The CF Team are on a big break for the rest of the week. We will be back to regular updates and of course the finale of the Project Runway interviews next week!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

To see more photos from FP #5

Lindsey Baker Photo Stream
Randy Gibson Photo Stream
Tyler Stalman Photo Stream

Photos courtesy of Randy Gibson

CF @ Factory Party 5

photo by Lindsey Baker

Last Friday Calgary Fashion attended and held a fashion exhibition at the 5Th Factory Party presented by THE MODERN LEISURE. The night was incredible! After a few stressful but fun weeks, every one's hard work paid off and we successfully produced an effective fashion show.
Thanks to Kim, who was my trusty side-kick through-out the entire process.
I'd like to thank all the designers, Cailtlin Power, Andrea Parton, Susan Clarahan, Hannah Grant, and Tiffany Wollman. Your creations deserve to be seen!
To all the models for taking time out of their days for fittings and the grueling 'waiting around' part. You are all beautiful!
Leandra and Olga, thank you for the fierce makeup and hair.
Garret, Jordan, Steph and Kara, you are lifesavers! What would happen without you??
Thank you to Noah York for his musical contribution, and the night could not have happened without Randy Gibson and the entire MODERN LEISURE team.
I love you guys.
Until next time.

Down To Earth Week Fashion Show - HUGE SUCCESS

The Down to Earth Week fashion show held at SAIT today was a phenomenal success.  The response from the crowd, retailers, and general public was receptive, warm, and full of encouragement.  Thank-you for everyone that came out to support Calgary's independent, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion businesses.  With events like this, we move closer to smashing the eco/fashion paradox and perceived contradiction.  We have high hopes for this small but growing event, and have no doubts that it will grow in the years to come!

Down To Earth Week Fashion Show '09 - April 4th

This Saturday, Mingle Events is hosting an eco fashion show!  Mingle Events is an environmentally conscious event management company that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint related to events.  The show will feature sustainable clothing from numerous stores including Riva's Eco Store on 17th Ave.  For more information, check out the following links below!

Eco Fashion Show
1PM - 5PM
SAIT campus, 1301 - 16 Avenue NW, Colonel Walker Hanger

Tickets $10 in advance, $15 at the door.  Tickets can be purchased at: http://www.reapcalgary.com/productDetails/1083621/1035224/1000445

About Down to Earth Week '09/Sustainable Shopping:

Mingle Events:

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