A Note From The Canadian War Museum

Greetings to all Calgary Fashion readers,

If you have missed Tuesday episode, you can catch the encore presentation of Project Runway Canada’s first episode on Saturday, January 31, 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice.

The very first challenge faced by the young competing designers was to create a groundbreaking garment out of camouflage fabric. Ms. Taiwo’s winning design will be exhibited in the Canadian War Museum’s upcoming summer exhibition, Camouflage, which starts on June 4. So if you happen to be in Ottawa, come check it out.

This exhibition explores the military art of concealment and deception, both as battlefield necessity and as artistic and commercial inspiration. It also shows how camouflage patterns have evolved into a phenomenon of popular culture, now as likely to adorn children or fashion models as it is to mask soldiers or battleships.

Jean-Philippe Deneault,
Canadian War Museum

It's Factory Party Time!!!

Okay so here's the deal! We are beyond excited!!! The Modern Leisure's Factory Party 4 goes down tonight and you may have heard or you may not have heard but this time around the party has moved location from Artlife Gallery to The Uptown + The Marquee room!! Tickets sold out before we could say Warhol but here's the good news, extra tickets will be available at the door. For Calgary Fashion we are very excited to be a part of the Factory Party and have come up with a fashion installation that will be on display at the party tonight. Rumor has it that some of your pretty faces and funky outfits will be amongst our installation, did you make the cut??

Anyways fashionistas come one come all come get your picture taken!!! Work those outfits.

What will we be wearing?? I guess you'll just have to wait and see!

FACTORY PARTY #4 @ THE UPTOWN STAGE AND SCREEN – Warhol would be proud - JANUARY 30TH 2009

A showcase of emerging Calgary talent will present artworks, live bands, DJ's and performances. This interactive and slightly overwhelming exhibition is inviting all of those interested in culture and the arts to come have a good time and meet new people.


Featuring the musical soundings of

Sharp Ends
Thee Thems
Beija Flör

And DJ's

Teddy Celebration
Wax Romeo
Noah York City
Biz Cazh
Dan Solo
Sandro Petrillo
Kamil Krulis & Melyssa Nielsen

Factory Party #4
Friday January 30, 2009
The Uptown
612 8th Ave SW

9 pm doors
11 pm Special Screening

Tickets for this spectacular event can be purchased from The Uptown Box Office, and Giant 45.

Factory Party #4 Music, Performance, Art, Everything.

Factory Party Facebook Event

Photos courtesy of Randy Gibson

I <3 Paul Hardy

I met Paul Hardy about a year ago when my life was nothing more than broadcasting classes and journalism classes. At the time, I was losing my love for journalism as broadcasting is not my forté. The journalism program really is an intense degree but as I prepare to finish my last credit semester I think about all that I have learned and the people I have met because of it and I am grateful for the process. If it wasn't for the journalism degree I would have slept on my love for writing and photography as well as fashion!

Anyway, Paul Hardy is Calgary's most established designer. Hardy opened his atelier approximately 2 years ago and I must tell you that this is one of the highest local luxury boutiques that you will find in the city.

Forget about Holt Renfrow ladies, the Paul Hardy Atelier in Kensington is a nice small haven that allows for one on one time with the soft spoken designer. I love how special I feel every time I go into his store.
Hardy also provides an array of knitwear designs. I have been waiting for a long time to be able to purchase a knitwear piece from him and it finally happened yesterday.
It had been a while since I had been into the atelier but I caught wind of the Sample Sale that he will be having this evening through the ever styling Braydon (Thank you Braydon) from Jerome's. I had also heard that he was having a blow-out sale and I just had to rush down there!

I spent over an hour with Paul Hardy and I fell in love with a pea soup swirl wrap shrug (it is the same Grey shawl as the one in the second picture above). I love innovative designs that provide alternate ways to use a piece of clothing and this wrap is just that. Imagine a shawl with sleeves attached to the side. The possibilities are endless, I spent most of the afternoon playing with my new wrap-sweater and I am definitely pleased with my purchase especially with the sale discount of 50% off the original price!

This is what it looks like on me:

I cannot wait for this evening as Paul Hardy will be having a sample sale!!!!! Most of the women samples will be priced at $25 - $50 and all other stock including men's knitwear will be discounted at 75% off. It will be an evening of wine, cheeses and good conversations. So if you've ever wondered about Paul Hardy or ever dreamed of owning a Paul Hardy piece then this is definitely the evening to take a stroll down Kensington.

The Paul Hardy Atelier is located @ #4 - 1126 Kensington Road NW

Paul Hardy Atelier Website

Photos courtesy of Paul Hardy Atelier

Calgary's Adejoké Taiwo Raises The Bar!

PRC 2 aired the first episode of the season last night and viewers were thrown instantly into the nerve-wracking process of what it takes to make it as a fashion designer in Canada. The designers on the show are all up and coming with a few on the scene designers who have already began to create a name for themselves. For the other designers who are new to the scene, the show displayed the intensity of what lies at stake for any designer hoping to make it.

Unfortunately for two contestants last night, the show proved to be more of a challenge than originally thought. Last night we said goodbye to Jaclyn Murray, 26 from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Murray suffered a severe anxiety attack and after being rushed to receive medical attention, Murray decided to pull out of the show.

We also bid hopeful Danio Frangella, 33 from LaSalle, Ontario, whose health issues were a major concern for the promising contestant after a 7-year battle with cancer.

For the first challenge, the designers were ushered into the Canadian War Museum and set the task of creating a camouflage outfit to be displayed. “The idea was to create an outfit for the war museum that represented war and the goal was to create something inspired by the 1st and 2nd World War with an Asian influence ” said Adejoke Taiwo this morning.

Taiwo is Calgary’s winning designer of the first round, which protects her from elimination in the next round of the competition.

Taiwo’s dress received great appreciation from supermodel, host and judge Iman as well as her guest judges.

“I assimilated a mandarin high collar and the front of the dress has a shield detail. I used neutral colors to incorporate the camouflage theme,” said Taiwo on her winning design.

The dress definitely was an eye opener on the talent of the young designer and has pushed the competition to another level. Taiwo presented a high fashion piece that captured the essence of what fashion means and what Canadian fashion can present when faced with a challenge.

“I was really shocked actually, they didn’t show my expressions much last night but I was really surprised that they liked it so much…I used two materials, ultra suede and I think it was a stretchy knit,” said Taiwo.

Even with the short time provided and with the help of PRC2 mentor, Brian Bailey, Taiwo’s dress shone on the runway.

“When I found out we only had a couple of hours to make a dress I was kind of thinking why am I here? I can’t make a dress in two hours!” said Taiwo.

“Working with Brian is good, I’m happy to be on the show, I think Calgary will have a positive reaction to me. Everyone in Calgary is pretty nice and just to have a person from Calgary, the only one from Alberta on the show I feel like the Calgary audience will accept me and I don’t do anything malicious or mean so I think the viewers will be proud.”

To get up close and personal with Taiwo's craftsmanship and talent she will be featured at the 2nd annual Collectively Eclectic Legacies Show February 13, 2009 at MacEwan Hall.

What did you think of Taiwo’s dress?


Project Runway's Interactive Website! Designer Blogs Now Up!!!!
Article on Iman and her Project Runway designers.
Q + A With Project Runway eliminated designers.
Brian Bailey dishes some dirt on the Project Runway contestants.
Erin Balser's take on the PRC contestants!

Color Your World

I have always been a fan of fashion illustrations and I love the illustrations in the Garance Dore blog. So simple...I like, I like.

It Starts Today!

Click on picture for details.
Happy viewing!!!!

What's His Is Her's

These are the photo's from the Aritzia fashion show in Vancouver.
What will be making its way into fashion this season is "boyfriend" jeans, a lot of florals and the 80's surfer look. I am not always the biggest fan of what Aritzia carries but I do love the boyfriend jean concept. I prefer the more focused fashion aspect of the 80's like shoulder padded suit jackets and how everything was in excess.

photographs courtesy of Iris Herscovici

Meet My Muse(s) #3

I love girls for their ever changing fashion.
They are usually the ones that always evolve their looks because there is so much out there for them! And my most recent obsession 's come in the form of two lovely ladies, Lady GaGa and Hanna Beth!

Lady Gaga has said in interviews she loves the Italians and how classy and futuristic their style is. She is also inspired by drag queens and also sticks to colors you can find in a diamond.
I really love her hair bow I think its adorable and I love how she is never seen dressed down. She lives,breathes and exudes fashion!

The lovely Hanna Beth lives in L.A and has a really great take on style. She mixes vintage with modern and she is always going to events all over Hollywood and loves fashion and as a model it seems to come natural to her.

These two are my muse's of the moment!

Check out more pictures and info about them at:

Hanna Beth

Lady GaGa

Body Motion

I have noticed in this city a lot of guys are not taking risks in fashion for the most part, i mostly see the cigarette pant and i've been looking for something different to wear as far as pants. As of right now my favorite new pants are the drop crotch pant or "MC hammer" pant, I've also worn long john pants out and just recently the disco pant. Most of these pants are directed towards women. Dont let that throw you off, I say if you can pull it off wear it!
Some of the pictures above are some recent pants for men that are in away gender bending a bit and I LOVE IT!

Photographs courtesy of:

Jeremy Scott
Cheap Monday
Blood Is The New Black

Hey Yo My Vintage Lovers.

Photo courtesy of Fox Sparrow Vintage Boutique

A new set of vintage delights have been posted at Fox Sparrow Boutique!!
Loveeeee this gold butterfly blouse!

Get to it ladies, Good Luck on your bidding!

Visit Fox Sparrow

Become a fan of Fox Sparrow

With <3 From Paris

Theo @ Louis Vuitton Autumn 09


I am in love with anything done by Sonia Rakchaev, she is the designer behind Urban Orchard.
Urban Orchard is all about the "luscious" scarf! I always have one around my neck! Check out her website for some of her new additions to her collection.

..... Whispered Post!

Something tells me you may want to be a part of this fan group!

I was walking home yesterday and saw that Ooh La La (1575 7 Street SW) is now offering up to 70% off discounts! I do not need to tell you why that is amazing!

It's Cold Again!!

It's Been A Long Week

Photo: Randy Gibson, Factory Party 3

So we've been a little slow with posting this week but only because we've been busy with photo shoots, Factory Party 4 CF installation planning, constructing and bouncing ideas between the team and not partying our butts off due to the state of American politics right now. Like the "leader of the free world" is doing, we have been working hard to take on new directions and teaming up collectively to push this lil blog ere a little further. Even though things have been hectic here there's a lot of stuff to post about.

I'm dividing this post into:

a. Sales cos I'm pretty sure you're gonna need a dress or a tie!

Photos: A Store Called Worth
  • A Store Called Worth (119, 1013 -17 Avenue SW) is continuing on with their super blow out sale preparing for the new spring line up. Word is some of the labels carried for the spring 09 season are sure to impress! Spring preview pieces from Greyhound and Wrath Arcane are now on the floor. The sale is up to 60% - 80% off this weekend with jewelry and accessories at 70% off! Trust me when I say this will blow your mind! Check out the Facebook Fan Page for details.

  • Kure Clothing's (111-880 16 Avenue SW) closing down sale is way underway and if you are like me and ever dreamed of enhancing your wardrobe/closet or in my case room with some mannequins and clothing racks then this sale is definitely worth checking out. Over half the fixtures are gone so hurry down for deals on dresses and jewelry!

    • Smyth and Kang's get ready for spring sale takes off this weekend as well!
  • Out with the old and in with the new is the theme behind Pink Sugar Boutique's annual-blow out sale (#105 1414 Kensington Road NW). The discounts are as follows:

  • all fall clothing 60 - 75% OFF
  • all last spring clothing 80% OFF
  • all new merchandise 40%OFF
  • all eye wear 60% OFF
  • all handbags 60% OFF
  • all jewelry 60% - 75% OFF
  • all footwear 75% OFF
b. Link Love

Calgary Fashion Followers

With Love From Montreal

With Love From London, England

Passionately Watching