Great News!

Spring is approaching, with summer close on it's tails.
Changes come about and a fresh approach is taken to the world of art and style and fashion.
Good things are coming!

Calgaryfashion is redirecting it's vision and working towards a more structured format.
Fashion and style live here in it's own funny quriky take on the word and bigger and better things are in the cards.

In Vogue Spring Issue, L'oreal's Toronto fashion week is advertised between the Kate Spade advert which is cardboard with a fold out for any one intrested in the details and the last page of the contributors section! Travel Alberta is listed as a major sponsor, well I assume so their logo is clearly visible.
Somewhere in the horizon I hope this means they may be thinking about hosting fashion week in the West, more so Calgary. The Juno's coming to the city are sure to make an impression on the big men up top! So let's cross our fingers!

On the other side of L'Oreal's Toronto fashion week is a FULL PAGE AD of Calgary Fashion Superstar, Paul Hardy for Travel Alberta!
Congratulations Paul! And go Alberta!

So that's all the news I got!

Oh and Smyth and Kang have a second location, the new ritzy store can be seen at 610 1st Street SW.
And if you haven't been to Worth, I suggest you check it out!!! They have a sale on jeans right now! The design in there is tastefully done merging together different realities, I especially loved the jewelry cases, look out for those! And the big white deer!

Also Sisley just lauched their Spring/Summer collection check that out!That's on 17th right next to the Quizno's.

Andd Pink Sugar have a 70% SALE RIGHT NOW on shoes, accessories and fall clothing, I got a wicked star ring from there for eleven bucks! So fantastic. And Pink Sugar is in Kensington!

Annnnnnddddddd!!! oh and that's it!


Oh yes, pictures,coming, coming, I assure you.
I'm sooooooooo slow!



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