I just LOVE IT! when I'm browsing Frillr or Style.com or other online fashion mediums and I come across the people I know and shoot!
It makes me so proud! I love it when accomplishments are made!! It's Awesome!

Theo is with I Model Management in Calgary and VNY Models in New York and is my love of the day!
The first time I met Theo we were standing in line at Republic and it was freeeeezing!
He's so yummy!
Hungover the next day I tumbled down the stairs (for real) and with this huge grin on my face I announced to my mum and sister that "I met the most beautiful guy in the world last night, His name is Theo and he plays the cello!"
After which I went back to sleep and swore never to party that hard ever again!
It was awesome! And that ladies and gentlemen is how I met this hot and upcoming yumster!

Theo has been working all summer in New York and has done the following:

a. First Designer Shoot: Adam Spagnolo Spring 2009 Lookbook
b. First Editorial Shoot : Brutus Magazine which is a super duper cool Japanese popculture lifestyle magazine.
c. Second Editorial Shoot: Anthem Magazine
d. Third Editorial Shoot: Elite Traveler Magazine with photographer Rennio Maifredi

With all that under his belt Theo also did his first show for Nicholas K @ Pier 92 in Manhattan (Exxxciting) and has done looks for CK and showroom for Armani!

These pictures of Theo are his first ever test shots for I Model Management! Amazing test shots don't you think?

Theo on Frillr

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Sean Penhall

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