Fashion Takes Action

The tents have been torn down, the runways removed and Toronto is back to normal life.The only runways available are the streets of the city as fashionable people roam the city day and night.Last weekend, Fashion Takes Action awoke the city and challenged ten designers to sustainably produce three outfits for their Midnight In The Garden themed gala. Everything from the materials used to the make up worked to decrease our eco foot steps on the planet.Models were dressed in sustainable materials and walked the runway with no shoes. Thien Le, Project Runway Canada winner Evan Biddell, Zoran Dobric, Nada Yousif, Carrie Hayes, Eugenia Leavitt, Jason Meyers, Aime Luxury, Damzels in this Dress, Thieves. For me, personal favourites are Zoran Dobric and Evan Biddell! Thank You Riaz for the pictures!

Nada Yousif

Zoran Dobric

Thien Le

Monica Mel

Evan Biddell

Eugenia Leavitt

Damzels In This Dress

Carrie Hayes

Jason Meyers

For More on Fashion Takes Action visit the website here ---> FTA Official Website
Photo Credit: Fashion Takes Action 2008

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