Meet My Muse #2

This little ladies name is Nina Kolakovic.
She has great all over style, she plans on moving to a few places in the future two of which are New York and San Francisco. Her room is covered in pictures that range from high fashion layouts to Rolling Stone covers. She is my number two muse because she is so full of life and humor and one of my favorite girls to party and go shopping with! So I told her one night over drinking Lucky's and watching the movie Control that we should take some pictures and do an interview, to my suprise she was down for it and here is what happend.

Jordan Reimer
Nina Kolakovic

JR: Favorite places to go shopping?
NK: Anywhere cheap, places with a lot of sales...basically any thrift store or the occasional mall trip.

JR: Who influences you?
NK: Patti Smith, Suze Rotolo, Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise, Jennifer Boyd, and last but not least Edie Sedgwick, very common answer I know but oh well!

JR: Bands of right now that are making a difference?
NK: Ugh... (laughs) can I just tell you the bands that I'm really into right now?
JR: Sure (laughs), why not
NK: Donovan, the Grateful Dead, and all the confirmed tracks off of Jay-Z's new album and Charles Hamilton's song Brooklyn Girls...SO FUCKING GOOD!

JR: What are your favorite styles?
NK: Ugh...I don't really have any, I guess anything simple and easy to wear but still "Sui Generis."

JR: Favorite designers?
NK: I don't really have favorite designer but umm YSL has always been up there in my top favorites, unfortunately I don't get paid enough to afford such articles of clothing (laughs), Betsey Johnson, Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2009 I wish I could own all of it! As well as Chanel's pre-fall leather trousers I'm really digging those. Marc Jacobs, and why of course the great Henry Holland!

JR: What do you do in your spare time?
NK: I lurk the internet and/or nap.

JR: Who do you think are stylish men?
NK: Henry Holland, Marc Jacobs, Anthony Washington and no not the famous American discus thrower (props to Zainab Hasoon for that one) and Dj El NiƱo.

JR: What are your favorite fashion blogs?
NK: Ugh... I don't want to say (laughs) sorry guys.

JR: Favorite books/ author?
NK: Shit Magnet by Jim Goad, Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, most of Augusten Burroughs's books, along with Charles Bukowski, Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky.

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