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I was on my way to the boutique If Looks Could Kill, when I realized I didn’t have anything to write down the interview with. I stepped into this adorable notebook store filled with handmade/artist made sketchbooks. Looking for the cheapest notebook possible I found one that looked like a diary a girl in the 70’s would have had with birds and a green background. So after my frantic search for some paper I hurried to the store and as I was coming up to the door there was a little note that read, “will be back at 4:30 had to get food” followed by a cute heart with initials! So I went up to the top floor of Art Central for a cup of coffee. I drank and drew on a Marilyn Monroe picture till it was time for me to go do the interview. As I walked down the stairs toward the store there was the lovely owner of If Looks Could Kill Boutique Miss Jennifer McCaw. She was dressed in a criss-crossed striped top and a long pretty skirt dress mix and ready to get the interview going as we walked in she was telling me about the amazing dinner she had, I told her it was my first interview and was a bit nervous but she made it incredibly easy, and here is what went down.

Jordan Reimer: So what inspires you in everyday life?
Jennifer McCaw: Pop culture, an interest in what people are wearing, clothing that tells a story, almost like reading a book but wearable books.

JR: Who growing up did you look up to for fashion or in general?
JM: John Paul Gautier, Dior, Alexander McQueen, mom's older friend who was a modern dancer...Cyndi Lauper.

JR: What plans do you have for the future?
JM: A few upcoming shows, a show in Kyoto city, I like to do like secret shows in people’s homes and have like parties and get a bunch of jewelery designers and clothing designers and have drinks and buy each others work, it’s a lot more fun! I also just did a bunch of leather bags and wallets and such. That would be my most recent designs and I want to do some more of that type stuff.

JR: What fashion would you like to see more of?
JM: Any in Calgary, fuck (laughs) punk rock or “stream punk” which is like punk mixed with Victorian styles, also it’s all about dressing for fun! Wearing crazy outfits, we don’t have enough of those.

JR: What fashion style would you like to see go away?
JM: Worn out pants, all ratty near the bottom. It’s like heroin addict pants.

JR: If you could live anywhere where would it be and why?
JM: Barcelona!! Because of the beautiful architecture, amazing people, chic stores with like Gothic surroundings and the people there dress amazing cause no one takes themselves too seriously.

JR: What is/are your favorite thing(s) to wear?
JM: Lydia K, she was big a few years ago in Toronto but she is amazing I am in love with her stuff, people have to check her out, Alexis walker she is really good, I also have this tree dress it has this like texture to it so it looks like bark and moss it's really fantastic!

JM: Also back to your question, I totally love the gypsy inspired look, I’d like to see a lot more of that. I also love when people are wearing my clothing/jewelery designs, also I think the whole peasant look should come back!

The store sadly is closing down end of January, so I highly recommend going there to pick up some great finds A.S.A.P personally I am in love with the animal pendants, as well as the domino painted pieces and last but not least the art work that covers almost every inch of this incredible boutique!

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