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I have noticed in this city a lot of guys are not taking risks in fashion for the most part, i mostly see the cigarette pant and i've been looking for something different to wear as far as pants. As of right now my favorite new pants are the drop crotch pant or "MC hammer" pant, I've also worn long john pants out and just recently the disco pant. Most of these pants are directed towards women. Dont let that throw you off, I say if you can pull it off wear it!
Some of the pictures above are some recent pants for men that are in away gender bending a bit and I LOVE IT!

Photographs courtesy of:

Jeremy Scott
Cheap Monday
Blood Is The New Black


Michael said...

Love this. It's like a men's dhoti pant. I really would like to get my hands on a pair.

KimLeeStar said...

Oooooh you know whats funny, 2 years ago Dangerkat in Calgary started making these and now she has different one of a kind "scamper pants" every season!!!

I needdd a pair!!!

mike said...

hmm I have to disagree with your comment about calgary fashion. I think its like any city, while on the surface calgary fashion may seem very "conservative", but if you dig a bit deeper into some of the 'scenes' their are alot of kids with solid fashion who are pushing some of the boundries. I guess its a little harder to o in a city dominated by social conservatism?
Oh and about the afformentioned pants I picked up a killer pair of cashmere (very) dropped crotch shorts by duckie brown at worth about a year ago! sooo dope

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