Calgary's Adejoké Taiwo Raises The Bar!

PRC 2 aired the first episode of the season last night and viewers were thrown instantly into the nerve-wracking process of what it takes to make it as a fashion designer in Canada. The designers on the show are all up and coming with a few on the scene designers who have already began to create a name for themselves. For the other designers who are new to the scene, the show displayed the intensity of what lies at stake for any designer hoping to make it.

Unfortunately for two contestants last night, the show proved to be more of a challenge than originally thought. Last night we said goodbye to Jaclyn Murray, 26 from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Murray suffered a severe anxiety attack and after being rushed to receive medical attention, Murray decided to pull out of the show.

We also bid hopeful Danio Frangella, 33 from LaSalle, Ontario, whose health issues were a major concern for the promising contestant after a 7-year battle with cancer.

For the first challenge, the designers were ushered into the Canadian War Museum and set the task of creating a camouflage outfit to be displayed. “The idea was to create an outfit for the war museum that represented war and the goal was to create something inspired by the 1st and 2nd World War with an Asian influence ” said Adejoke Taiwo this morning.

Taiwo is Calgary’s winning designer of the first round, which protects her from elimination in the next round of the competition.

Taiwo’s dress received great appreciation from supermodel, host and judge Iman as well as her guest judges.

“I assimilated a mandarin high collar and the front of the dress has a shield detail. I used neutral colors to incorporate the camouflage theme,” said Taiwo on her winning design.

The dress definitely was an eye opener on the talent of the young designer and has pushed the competition to another level. Taiwo presented a high fashion piece that captured the essence of what fashion means and what Canadian fashion can present when faced with a challenge.

“I was really shocked actually, they didn’t show my expressions much last night but I was really surprised that they liked it so much…I used two materials, ultra suede and I think it was a stretchy knit,” said Taiwo.

Even with the short time provided and with the help of PRC2 mentor, Brian Bailey, Taiwo’s dress shone on the runway.

“When I found out we only had a couple of hours to make a dress I was kind of thinking why am I here? I can’t make a dress in two hours!” said Taiwo.

“Working with Brian is good, I’m happy to be on the show, I think Calgary will have a positive reaction to me. Everyone in Calgary is pretty nice and just to have a person from Calgary, the only one from Alberta on the show I feel like the Calgary audience will accept me and I don’t do anything malicious or mean so I think the viewers will be proud.”

To get up close and personal with Taiwo's craftsmanship and talent she will be featured at the 2nd annual Collectively Eclectic Legacies Show February 13, 2009 at MacEwan Hall.

What did you think of Taiwo’s dress?


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Anonymous said...

Joke you were great and i loved your dress!! I love the way you pronounce alberta...lol


KimLeeStar said...

hahahahahaha!! I love that tooooo!! oooof I should have said that in the interview!! lol!!

Yayyyy Albert-ahhhh!!

Garrett said...

i loved the collar, she definitely knows what she's doing

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all Calgary Fashion readers,

If you have missed Tuesday episode, you can catch the encore presentation of Project Runway Canada’s first episode on Saturday, January 31, 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice.

The very first challenge faced by the young competing designers was to create a groundbreaking garment out of camouflage fabric. Ms. Taiwo’s winning design will be exhibited in the Canadian War Museum’s upcoming summer exhibition, Camouflage, which starts on June 4. So if you happen to be in Ottawa, come check it out.

This exhibition explores the military art of concealment and deception, both as battlefield necessity and as artistic and commercial inspiration. It also shows how camouflage patterns have evolved into a phenomenon of popular culture, now as likely to adorn children or fashion models as it is to mask soldiers or battleships.

Jean-Philippe Deneault,
Canadian War Museum

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