A Note From The Canadian War Museum

Greetings to all Calgary Fashion readers,

If you have missed Tuesday episode, you can catch the encore presentation of Project Runway Canada’s first episode on Saturday, January 31, 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice.

The very first challenge faced by the young competing designers was to create a groundbreaking garment out of camouflage fabric. Ms. Taiwo’s winning design will be exhibited in the Canadian War Museum’s upcoming summer exhibition, Camouflage, which starts on June 4. So if you happen to be in Ottawa, come check it out.

This exhibition explores the military art of concealment and deception, both as battlefield necessity and as artistic and commercial inspiration. It also shows how camouflage patterns have evolved into a phenomenon of popular culture, now as likely to adorn children or fashion models as it is to mask soldiers or battleships.

Jean-Philippe Deneault,
Canadian War Museum


SewnAgain said...

I recommend the book Disruptive Pattern Material: An Encyclopedia of Camouflage, available at the Calgary Public Library.


i used to love project runway! i need to start watching it and cating up on all the varying seasons.
muah x

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