Another week gone by!

It's been one heck of a week!

First up, in exciting news, Alex at Sign-Co Designs, printed 2 super cool decals for the CalgaryFashion mobile! Snazzy hey? I jumped and squealed when I saw them! So if you see the jeep on the street honk your horn or something!! It will make my day... or maybe thats not a good idea, i'm prone to road rage! Eeek!

Between school, work, Fashion Has No Borders, the numerous events that happened this weekend, an interview with The Calgary Herald, a picture taken for The Calgary Herald, planning for the week ahead as well as future months, we all each somehow managed to take some time out to enjoy ourselves.

Melissa was at the ACAD photo third year show Friday evening and says there were definately a good variety of up and coming photographers. Jordan, Garrett and DavidJ were all at the Joshua McVeity show also Friday, superwoman Selina, covered 3 major events for her position as Arts and Entertainment editor at The Reflector as well as sat down for an interview with co founder of All The Best Things magazine Jessica TheWitt also on....yup you guessed it Friday!

Sean was Sean who is ultimately perpetually busy and I took time away from studying to cheer on DJ Noah York , Bizz Cash and Teddy Celebrations at the 3Styles Redbull competition where I also ran into Yana, we had a brief discussion about FP5 and our minds are just buzzing with ideas for the next CF installation! Saturday night, we danced to the tricks up his sleeves DJ from Vancouver, My!Gay!Husband! at the Hifi, Saturday night.

My roomate Tiffany Wollman had a reception for her art work being displayed at Art Central on Friday and the reviews are flooding in about the extensiveness of her talent! I can't wait to see them this week!

At Worth things are always exciting as Carl, Liam and I prepare for the new spring arrivals. You have no idea how excited we are about the new shipments coming in. It's going to be insane with labels like YMC, Generra for Men and Women, BNX, Conference of Birds, Fibre and Fellow, whew!! I can't go on! Overload!!! I cannot wait to try on the ever funky BNX and the comfy Generra stuff! Will I beat you to buying? I hope not, unfortunately my spending is frozen all thanks to that John Varvatos Jacket at The Gallery!

If you haven't picked up the new issue of Beatroute yet, I suggest you do cos fashion lovers I hear there's a new store in Kensington, supposedly vintage lovers will love this store. The owners travel around the world in search of material and vintage picks and bring them right back to yuppp Calgary! So enjoy the good weather that we've been having lately and check things out in Kensington.

It made my day to walk into work Saturday to see that Carl has passed Liam and I in the Worthy Training Course and has given us the labels of "Sick Employee's." For translation... this means we are super cool wonderful staff! :) Yay!

The banner has changed once again to show off the Fashion editorial that we did for February, what do you think?

Don't Victoria and Kaz look amazing??

More from the shoot coming up this week! Booyah!!!

I cannot express how thankful I am to the people that made this shoot possible!! Keep up with the Facebook page if you can for more news and updates along the week!

Have a fashionable week people and take advantage of the good weather and if like me you are preparing for a mid term somewhere, good luck ad rock out in your exams!!

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Michael said...

Wow, girl. You've got a ton going on. Good freakin' luck!

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