The Designer's "Claim To Fame"

So last night the second episode of the second season of Project Runway Canada aired.
Oh boy did the tension ever rise as designers were given the task of creating a glamorous outfit for a big night on the town for Hollywood actress and Canadian native Elisha Cuthbert.
Cuthbert visted the designers at the Project Runway house where it was a free for all for the designers to pick the mind of what a Hollywood actress would like to be seen wearing when out enjoying the night.

Designers were given $150 to spend and had 45 minutes to pick and choose their fabrics. It's interesting to note in the beginning that gift of the gab Brandon goes on a whim and picks 7 meters of blue fabric not really having a clue on what he was going to do.

Brandon's lack of focus shows right through the show, he paces and takes smoke breaks claiming it all comes to him after he has a smoke break. If anything it's his smoke breaks that seem to be his problem.

As the episode progresses we see the designers at work rushing to make the deadline, Adejoke Taiwo, Calgary's star contestant who claimed immunity last episode decided to take a calculated risk and go for color and vibrancy.

Sunny the sweetheart of the bunch worked on a light teal coloured material and marvels at the quickness of Baylor's sewing skills. It's such a sweet moment when Sunny asks Baylor to teach him how to be a fast sewer. It's nice when other designers appreciate the strengths of their peers.

While the others are hard at work, Christine presents what Brian Bailey, mentor to the designers calls a "bad bridesmaid dress" and this is where Christine's dramatics turn on. She cries and wails saying "I just want to go home!" something that is really untolerable to watch. It seems Christine needs a stronger backbone and more focus as well. She cries a lot and talks too much, raising the question on just exactly what she is doing in the show especially after failing to impress with her multicoloured alien from Mars not even close to camouflage dress on last weeks show.

The drama heightens even more as Brandon and Margarita butt heads as Brandon pulls out a design that suspectingly bears resemblance to Margarita's design.

Another person who really needs to stop the talk and focus is Kim, who's dress came together literally seconds before the second challenge runway show.

So the dresses hit the runway and enthusiastic and amusing Jess is up first, her dress is a solid attempt for Cuthbert, while Jeff's dress seems to be falling apart and is really simple and to be honest boring.

Sunny's dress rolls out and the impeccability of his design skills are obvious, the side of his tube dress has a shattered glass look to it accentuating the waist of his model.

Genvieve has way too much material for a night on the town dress but a good attempt and a good show of her draping skills.

Margarita's detailing is nice, but it is obvious that she isn't finished and has more work to do on the dress. It appears to be too short with a high slit over one thigh.

Jason's dress shows a step up in his game presenting a scooped backless black dress.

Adejoké's dress is vibrant...way too vibrant with a silver high waisted skirt attached to a multi-colored patchwork bustier. Despite the shine this shows the versatility of the young designer. The judges say it would definitely capture the photographers but with flashes and bright lights from the paparazzi that shine would take Elisha to the "She Wore That?" list in tabloid magazines.

Surprisingly Kim dress makes it but is rather boring, it is a simple look with a ruffled button up feature down the front.

Christine's dress remains a "bad bridesmaids dress" only with embellishments/ruffles on one side.

Baylor's dress was nice but a little too boxy, we don't remember Elisha Cuthbert being 50.

And then there's Jason .... we won't even bother.

So when it was all said and done, the judges and Elisha decided that Jason Meyers and his black dress would be the winner of the challenge and Margarita would be the next designer to leave the runway.

Oh fashion!


PRC 2 Second Challenge Runway Photographs

Photos courtesy of Canwest Media

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