Hat Head

These hair sculptures are created by Nagi Noda, a Japanese art director, and no it's not their real hair. The animals are hair weaves created over a mold or wire mesh. Crazzzzzzzzyy!!!

And! She's done a lot more than just hair. She's directed music videos, commercials, worked with photography, interior design, and of course fashion, which she and Mark Ryden designed the line Broken Label . I am in love with everything she's done. She inspires me. Marry me?

Visit her site for more of her work
Nagi Noda

Photos Courtesy of Nagi Noda


Julio Cesar said...

These are so cool. Very inspiring, and very well done. They kind of remind me of Lady GaGa's hair bow.

Michael said...

Pretty sweet, although I do find them kind of eerie.

vickster said...

wow these hair hats are wicked!

Yu said...

Sadly this amazing artist passed away last fall. RIP.

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