First Thursday Art Central

Photo courtesy of http://www.wilcoszandway.com

If you are in the mood to check out some brilliant fashion photography local to the city you may want to stop by Art Central this Thursday.

"Born in Poland and Saskatchewan respectively, Wilkosz + Way met while studying photography at Alberta College of Art & Design. Working together as a photography team under Wilkosz + Way since 2001, they have contributed to many national publications, working in the fields of fashion and portraiture, while maintaining our deeply rooted love and dedication to the beauty of traditional film photography.

The exhibition at Shisomiso Gallery will feature both fashion and portraiture work.

Wilkosz + Way will be showing a group of photographs that is part of their ongoing series of portraits of local female artists in their workspaces. Shot under natural light conditions, the series is both an intimate portrait and a documentation of the spaces the artists work within.

They will also be showing a fashion editorial featuring local talent, stylist and make-up artist that they regularly collaborate with."

Wilkosz and Way

Shisomiso Boutique
Main level, ART CENTRAL
#105 100 7th Avenue SW, Calgary,
AB T2P 0W4

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