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Hey guys I've been ridiculously ill over the past week and have only just mustered up enough energy to actually get some work done!

In anticipation of the Project Runway designer runway show tomorrow in Toronto I am leaving you with the last two contestant Q+A's who have left the show.

The week before was a heart breaking one that brought tears to every single soul as the designers shed light on cancer while working with survivors of cancer for an auction.

Jason Meyers was the designer to leave who was strongly criticized as being a gimmicky designers.

We had a chat last week about his experience on the show and where the rest of 2009 will take him.

I've been doing these interviews since the program aired and I can say today that Jason Meyers was very interesting to speak to. He had me laughing and chuckling! It is clear that he is extremely passionate about what he does and how he does things.
I'm pretty excited to meet Jason on Thursday and possibly schedule some time to see some of his works in person! Whoo!

CF: Hi Jason, Can you believe you lost to Post-Its?
He chuckles! People keep calling me asking me “Oh are you okay?” says Jason Meyers, Project Runway’s latest contestant to get off the show. He’s chirpy on this Wednesday morning. Tuesday’s episode had the contestants work with cancer survivors to create a dramatic artistic gown. The challenge had the designer hopefuls cutting, gluing and "postitting" for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

JM: First of all I didn’t film it last night so any emotions that were there I had time to get over, you know it’s coming, it’s the inevitable,cos like last week I was like “uhhhghhh next week is the week! It came…shit!” He chuckles.

I was really pissed , that was my whole thing I was like I don’t wanna go off on Post-It’s man! I mean I was really proud of everything else I did there. I honestly think it was an unfortunate situation for the sensitive breast cancer survivor models I don’t think that was um.. "he hesitates," I think we should have been able to make something really beautiful and really show our talent for that situation. But you know it was challenging it was a competition and it came down to Post-Its and it’s an unfortunate situation yeah but if I think I’d go out on anything it would be Post-Its.

CF: I'm sorry to hear you lost your model?
JM: She had breast cancer and she went through chemo and went into remission and it came back. So when I met her she was still in treatment or being treated for it a second time and she was saying it was taking a hard toll on her body.
'People are like was it sad working with women in that situation?' I think of it more of an inspiration, I think they really give you a different aspect to look at life and about what's really important you know, because when it came down to it we were just making frickken dresses from Post-It notes…So you know really it was actually, like I said if I would go out on anything it would be something like that and I don’t have a problem with it. Everything else I did I am really proud of and I had the opportunity to show the country what I can do and hopefully build my business from there.

CF: Tell us a little bit about your fashion history? It seems like you have done a lot of work in the fashion industry?
JM: I went to the Academy of Design and I’ve had my own line for 3 years now, and I’ve done some work in styling but nothing really to talk about. I know a lot of people in the industry because I’ve been in Toronto for 13 years now, I think I have a really good network here and meet a lot of new people and a lot of good talent.

My whole thing was I wanted to win, my whole thing was building my brand and right now it’s about coming from a business background it’s all about selling numbers and selling in a business that I can stay afloat in and that I’m passionate about and that I really love. When it comes down to it the creative industry…It’s tough, in Canada it’s tough, but it makes it worth it where it all works out, for me it was brand exposure and recognition so I could get out there and selling more units and be a striving successful Canadian designer.

CF: How did you even get into fashion?
JM: I was just passionate about it. I didn’t think growing up in Hamilton, being the straight up Catholic kid… I never honestly thought it was a career choice, because when I was in school it was science, geography etc and I was always stylish and liked to wear the new stuff but once I grew up I was like you know what why don’t I do this?

CF: How did you feel when your designs were labeled as “gimmicky” did you do anything to try and change that?
JM: You know I honestly feel looking back on this, I have…nicely put, I have respect for Brian Bailey for being in the industry, with his longevity and where he has come from I respect. But as a mentor that wouldn’t be my first choice as a mentor. Unfortunately I believe there is a couple ways of saying things to people, there is constructive criticism or it’s insulting, I feel like in the show not once did he say anything good about anything I did. Even when you go through the blogs, it’s Jason this, Jason that, there was no need for him to put that name over our heads, you know what you are giving me a gimmicky challenge, ‘make a garment out of a wedding dress that’s a gimmick right there. What was I supposed to do just make a long flowy dress? So I think I explained I don’t design like that but you are giving me gimmicks, I was trying to relate it literally to what the challenge was.
I took it with a grain of salt though, it was a great experience and I’m branded now and I think that’s more important than anything like you just said people may feel that you are a gimmicky designer, ah you know what I shouldn’t have just gone roar!!!

CF: Do you feel time was a big challenge in the competition?
JM: Time was a huge challenge, you get a budget and 20 minutes to shop for fabric and then you have to be creative in every challenge. It was really challenging knowing your body can go through that and keep working through it. I don’t do collections like that you get into thinking things out methodically, you envision it and then you start building it. If you get $150 you have no room for mistakes. But it’s interesting to see what we can do as artists.
CF: Tell me about your label?
JM: Well the label is a high end women's line I used to do suiting and blousing but I’ve gone more in the dresses direction, LA red carpet, celebrity driven like our whole society is. Honestly there are a couple good things that came out of the show but the show was no hinder to what I do as a fashion designer. I won the challenge with Elisha Cuthbert and that validates what I do as a designer.

CF: You seem to have a good connection with women..
JM: I grew up with my mum and my sister, they were the two ladies I grew up with so that made me understand how to relate and made me more comfortable.

CF: What was Iman like?
JM: She’s a diva but a diva in her own right. She’s been around since the 70s I believe she has paid her dues and I think she is cool but we didn’t get a chance to hang out with her one on one there was no 'just relax we are going to take you out for dinner'... but I think she’s cool.

CF: What do you think of Jessica’s progress as the show has continued?
JM: I have decided after last night and going to fashion week I’m not talking about any designers because I’m frustrated at how people were on the show because now they are all like oh his dress was ugly na na na na na and I think there are a lot of haters on the show and I’m going to point every single one of them out at Fashion Week! But after watching the show I’m like oh my gosh you guys are all assholes!

CF: Who do you think will win project runway Canada?
JM: The best designer!

CF: Who is??
JM: That’s all I have to say! You know not even, it could not even be the best designer but my opinion honest to God doesn’t even count.

CF: What are your plans for the rest of the year?
JM: I’m just working on my collection still, I’m going to try and work harder and recognition is huge and now I can walk into a store in Calgary and they will be like oh you’re Jason from the show and I’ll be like YES!! It’s opened a lot of doors for me and I’m just going to work that!

Photos courtesy of Canwest Media and Jason Meyers.


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