My Beauty Fixes

There are some things us females just can't live without when it comes to makeup.
Whether its splurging on something more dramatic or a simple daily routine, we all have products we swear by. Since I moved in with my roommate, who is just as fiendish with product buying as I am, I have realized how many brands are out there but indefinitely, how few actually enhance and benefit your skin.

Here are some of my picks for affordable beauty buys:

For the face:I like using light products that don't cover up your skin's natural beauty. To start, after a good cleanser, put a few dabs of Nivea's Simply Glowing face cream on your cheeks, eyelids and the corner of your eyes. This will wakeup your skins surface layer and give you that added moisture. I couldn't find a picture of Quo's True Skin product, which is unbelievable.It's neither a foundation nor a primer, but works as both. If you have perfectly clear skin, I suggest you just use this product. It has a velvety texture and you don't get any visible markings. It's like you're not wearing anything at all, but it leaves your skin looking and feeling better than before you put it on. Instead of layering on thick foundation and powder, use Quo's sheer tint foundation with spf 20, and then fix those pesky red spots with Paula Dorf's Magic Stick concealer.

Cheek tints:Benefit 'Benetint' has been around for a few years now, but it's still one of the best ways to get a natural flushed looking skin. Tarte's version of a lip stain is a bit heavier and in a cream stick applicator but its loaded with antioxidants and goji berry. Along with the color you get a beautiful glow that lasts all day and night. Its available in many shades as well. I go for the natural 'berrylicious'. You can also apply these to your lips for a 'just kissed' look

Lips:Everyone has heard of DuWop's Lip Venom, but I perfer I.D Bare Essentials' Buxom Lips. There is more pigment in the product so you use less, but it plumps your lips just as well. There are a bunch of colors to choose from including clear.
For those who aren't keen on putting color on your lips, just treat yourself to Nivea's Lip Effect with Q10 Plus. It instantly transforms dry lips into a soft shiny kissable pout. Those who have seen my bathroom, might think I am sponsered by Nivea, since I have almost every single product they have on the market. They do the job!

Until your next fix, I'm out.


Kim said...

I've really just gotten into taking care of my skin!!
Love this Yana!

Yana said...


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