Pink Mafia Are Looking For An Intern

Okay here's the deal!! Pink Mafia are looking for an intern! These guys are in the know more than you can ever imagine! So if you like fashion and you like music and you love to party what more can you ask for??

I'd be right up at their front door if I lived in Toronto. If you feel like moving away for a little bit and expanding your horizons or getting captured by the Cobrasnake or whoever he may be that is behind the lens of the nightlife in Toronto then I suggest you get in touch!

Anna Von who is the master force behind Pink Mafia is a cute funky East coast lady and is honestly super cool! (For lack of a better word!)

Get to it, the dance floors await you...and of course a little work!

Here is the nitty gritty...


- Committed to one day a week in the office. Hours are very flexible and most work can be done from home
- We are looking for someone to start the month of April. It is a 3-4 month internship.

There is no pay but there are wicked benefits such as VIP access to parties and really learning the ropes of a public relations company

-Basic computer and Internet skills are a must.
-Html, graphic, website management are a bonus.

-The upkeep of our networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace
-Filing and Managing the office.
-Keeping promotional material in order
-Contributing to the blog (www.pinkmafia.ca/blog)

Contact peterson@pinkmafia.ca with your resume and cover letter.


Pink Mafia
Pink Mafia Blog


max bromeo said...

Anna's not from Calgary. She's 100% Newfie. F'real...

KimLeeStar said...

Booooo! Is it okay if we claim her for a little bit!!? lol

Okayyyy must respect! :)

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