Fora do Brasil!

Despite today's brief snow flurries, my excitement at joining up with Calgary Fashion made me remember the dreamy dresses showcased during America's Next Top Model last night by Brazilian designer Cris Barros.

Barros' designs floated off the models as they tromped around her store in ruffling pastel confections. A former model herself, Barros started designing seven years ago.

Her inspirations are pulled from the process of designing her collections, past trips and experiences, and she has established herself as not only competent in her profession, but a designer to be reckoned with.

Modeling led the beautiful Brazilian native to completing a degree in Design. After interning with another local designer, Barros ran off to Milan to get her Masters and worked with Stephen Janson- former Dianne Von Furstenburg and Yves Saint Laurent designer- before founding her own company in 2002.

With two stores in Brazil, I can only hope that her floaty frocks start making their way to North America ASAP. Simple prints and light colors, floating fabrics draped and pinned to perfections, and finally pops of deep blue, purple, and grey all combine to make my idea of the perfect summer clothes...and if it doesn't stop snowing...I'm moving to Brazil.

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Michael said...

That second dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love the muted flesh tones.

I don't think I could ever live in Brazil. It's a very interesting country, but unstable. Part of my soccer team actually were mugged on a part of Copacabana beach.

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