And Who's Who?

Traditionally a combination of masculine and feminine elements, androgyny in the contemporary fashion world has quickly become a prominent flagship in the collections of many of this centuries most noted designers. As the parameters of what is considered to be socially acceptable in our society in terms of garments have shifted from taboo to please-do, a new generation of experimental styling has emerged amongst the aesthetically oriented alike.

The intrigue I've had with this concept over this past year has left me baffled as to how to effortlessly re-invent myself into a dichotomized pedestrian strolling through the streets without looking like a total buffoon? The answer: own your look. So, with my new found inspiration, I've been slowly trying to create a harmonious mix of what I believe to be a balance of femme et monsieur. But who really knows anyway, right? Personally, I think that straddling the fine line of fashion adds interest and keeps people guessing slightly longer than they'd like to be, so why not take some risks and see what happens?


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