Fancy Feet

Of all my weaknesses, shoes are the worst. I used to think that shoes weren't anything compared to the luxurious fabrics, drapings, and cuts of clothing, then I felt quality leather. And discovered Tracey Neuls, a shoe maker and designer from Winnipeg. Her shoes are more art than footwear, and each pair is signed by the cobbler who made them. The leathers are dip-died, painted, and soft and smooth as butter. AND Neul's has used vintage fabrics (with gold paint) to cover shoes. So really, everyone wins. Split into three categories, the designs within each section encapsulating a certain feel (and price range). Currently working out of London, England, the shoe wizard has her own lovely shop/workshop just off of Bond Street. If Marie Antoinette were alive, Tracey Neuls would be her personal cobbler.

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