Let Them Eat, Fashion

I just found this movie again in my huge pile of dvd's and thought I should watch it, since it has been a while since i have seen it, and oh my God I forgot how much I love everything about this movie and I love every thing they wear! I am mainly obsessed with Marie's hair in the movie. I love how big and over the top it was ( the scene where she has a ship in her hair as an accessory, mad love!) and the outfits were amazing. all the gowns and how they were young with all this
money at there fingertips to w
aste on themselves and party and look good while doing it!

The movie has a pop to it which I love. Every detail in the film ties in with the fashion! I cant really list all of the fashion I loved in it mainly the big feathers, the pattern on the dresses, the fans, just all of it!

Photographs via Sony Pictures


Julio Cesar said...

I just saw this film again the other day. I adore it, love the fashion and the soundtrack.

emily said...

you don't even know how much i love this movie, it's beyond gorgeous. i wish i was marie antoinette (as imagined by sofia coppola of course.)

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