Parlour Magazine

My favorite local "Alberta" magazine!!

Like any magazine it must be held in your hands to be truely appreciated. The unique size, paper quality and content make it a staple on anyones coffee table. Parlour has done a great job with the web site to give you all the wonderful content online so you can enjoy it right now by clicking {here}. Cover girl Lady Gaga has helped to give these locals some international status, as Perez Hilton featured it on his blog shortly after its release...

Is Alberta Canada's best kept secret, or does everyone already know and I just live under a rock? And by rock I mean cable television.



KimLeeStar said...

It was cool to see the post on Perez Hilton. But i'm disappointed I cant find them in Calgary! :(

Garrett said...

i want to find this magazine! i love its layout

Terence Sambo said...

one of the reasons behind Gaga's success is her raw style!

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