Costume Drama

I watched "Revolutionary Road" for the first time last night, and besides the incredible performances by the ever lovely Kate Winslet and smoking Leo Di Caprio, I couldn't help but squeal at every costume on the screen. The tailored suits and dashing hats! Tiny waists and billowing skirts! And above all else, coiffed hair and a good cigarette. I sometimes wish I had been born during the nifty fifties, and this movie sent me wishing again.

 Beyond the beauty of the clothes, the light in which the film has been shot makes everything look twice as bright and ethereal. Kate and Leo wear muted tones and lots of crisp white, making them look polished as their characters fall apart on screen. Costume designer Albert Wolsky has captured perfectly the time and, most importantly, used the clothing to convey who the characters are. Bravo! Now I just been to find some fitted tops and high waisted shorts. 

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