Product Test: Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

A couple of weeks ago some of us at CF were contacted to try out a new Maybelline product, the Pulse Perfection Mascara

Like many, I'm always searching for the perfect mascara - each seems to be good at one thing, not all, and at range of different prices.

The idea of a pulsating mascara is slightly terrifying. The eye is a precious area, a vibrating wand full of mascara near that perfect orb doesn't seem like a smart idea. Nevertheless, I wanted to give the try. If this product works, at the affordable price (I believe it's under $20, but as it's not on sale yet, I'm not entirely positive) it's definitely a bargain.

I was sent 8 mascaras for myself and friends to try out. I gave a few to some friends at my day job, regular girls who wear a little bit of makeup at work and maybe a teeny bit more when they go out.

It just so happened that when I received the mascaras to try out I was getting my makeup done for the Calgary Fashion Factory Party Show. A little hesitant myself to try out a pulsating mascara, I gave it to Olga Onulov, CF's makeup artist extraordinaire, to apply for me.

It took her a bit to get the product on to the wand, but surprisingly it went on smooth and easily. Sure it felt odd, but I was amazed at how long it made my lashes.

First time use all it did was make the lashes long, which is great, but it clumped. I got similar feedback from my co-workers. My supervisor, and others, found the button to turn on the vibrations too close to the end, and used the mascara without the vibrations. On it's own, it's a great mascara without the vibes.

I took all the feedback into consideration when I used the mascara on my own for the first time. I found a grip on the wand and button that wasn't awkward and I used it on top of the lashes as opposed to under. The first couple of coats were lengthening but they did clump. A few hours later I reapplied and found that this coat separated the lashes like I wanted it to in the first place.

Give it a try, and really try it. It takes a little getting used to the vibrations but once you find what works for you it's comparable to other more expensive mascaras that don't vibrate. And the vibrating factor is cool.

I'll let you know when it hits the shelves later this month!

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