RW&CO. celebrate 10 years in the Canadian fashion industry this year.
I must admit I haven't been to a mall in the past 6 months, but always love to wander through every location I come across, the simple designs with a hint of flare allows for a classic wardrobe. The comfort and affordability stand the test of time. I only just got rid of a staple sweater from the thriving His and Hers store that can be found in most malls across the country.

RW&CO's publicity team are working on getting the company connected to their customers online and have recently just launched a Facebook Fan Page and a series of videos so adorable you'll wonder why you don't shop there all the time.

I'm pretty surprised a lot of Canadian companies haven't taken the video story approach to connect with their customers. I feel this is sort of a turning point for major retail businesses as they catch up to the "modern" ways of advertising and promotions.

Photos courtesy of RW&Co


SewnAgain said...

Yes this is a good way to reinforce how one would feel while using the product. Gives me some ideas, thanks for posting.

Harry said...

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