I am so happy with next year's Spring lines!
They seem very fitting for a content, yet intuitive woman.
We see major changes from last Spring's flowery femme fatale designs with stronger, edgier lines. It's about the woman who is confident, naturally pretty and not overdone.
Think back to early 80's Soap Operas, but in the best way possible.
The day is a breeze, and the night is full of drama.
Spring fabric include silks, thick cottons, and grid-like designs.
We see bold primary and pastel colors, and materials with monochromatic prints.
Evening wear, the clothes take a life all their own with pieces so beautifully created, they might just out shadow the person wearing them.
If you do wear something flashy, make sure to balance it out with a neutral jacket or shoe.

The big question next season is: How do I go for big pieces and still show off my silhouette?
The answer: high waists, tapered pants, and creating new shapes entirely. Don't be afraid of innovation.

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