Now Politics is really not my thing and i'm probably one of the few that didn't watch the elections or his acceptance speech or keep up with all the media bashing and so on but the amount of Facebook satuses that are all O Yes We Can-ing is amazing.
This is indeed a change in history for the United States of America, history books will be rewritten to include this man's progress. It's one for the black world and one for the corporate world and the many people who have spent all their lives looking for change in a country that has been thirsty for some kind of hope, it's one for what Rosa sat for, Martin stood for and it's one for the American Dream.

Some pretty funny Facebook stat- ii(?) from some Facebook peeps:

Erika says "Is racism over?" Steven Colbert

Ram says yes we can? I think we just did!

Liam says black house!!!

Sheena says thanks the Republicans for not cheating...again.

Go Obama.

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