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Now, I'm a little late on posting these days due to laptop failure. Its torturous really. I realised I forgot to post an article I wrote on Calgary winterwear for Beatroute's December issue. I loved shooting both Sydney and Gareth, its always easier when friends come together to create something fun.

Clothing by GIANT 45

Charged with being the epitome of cool, the leather jacket will always be an edgy classic. This season, the jacket could be your greatest investment. Your trusty leather will prove to be warm enough for this winter's temperature changes and guarantees an "I don't care" attitude. Nothing beats not having to worry about what you're wearing. You want it to be fitted and still roomy enough for layers. Don't be afraid to play with color and texture whether it's patented, crinkled, or rustic. Some jackets are even lined with flashy patterns which snap up a whole new generation of leather wearers. Depending on your wardrobe, it could add some spice to your life. Paired up with any ensemble, the leather jacket can give life to a boring outfit as well as tame something a little too wild. It's comfortable and available in many stores, new and used. Try the motorcycle, bomber, hooded or cropped numbers. Once you have the perfect jacket on, you won't want to take it off, which is just fine since leather jacket etiquette allows you to wear your jacket indoors as well. Have patience and the jacket will find you.

It seems like cowboys are falling short on swearing by their plaid shirts, thereby leaving it up to the rest of us. A trend which started in the early '90s grunge scene, the plaid shirt has put up with almost ten years of humiliation, but we're taking it back. Everyone loves those comforting flannels. Not only are they warm, but they bring more color and versatility than any cardigan. They vary in styles, lengths and thickness. The greatest part about these shirts is that you can find them in almost any store or buy them for a buck at a thrift store. If you're not so hot on sporting a tartan shirt, opt for a jacket, scarf, skirt, or pants. Designers have given us the option of deciding where we want to put the Scottish cloth, and now we'll leave it up to you.

For those chillier days and heavier snow falls, we want something with a little more defence. Don't be afraid of heavy coats or thick lining. It's okay to look warm. Local stores have brought in an array of winter coats more than suitable for those freezing conditions. Stray from cheap synthetic blends, they'll give you a cold sweat. Instead, think classic wool, flannel, cashmere and even cotton. This year, it's all about culture and back country. A hundred years ago, our grandparents knew how to keep warm in style, why don't we keep the legacy?

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Expect to see major changes in Calgary Fashon this year. The team is set on bringing the diversity of the world to Calgary. We believe fashion stems from more than trends or fads. Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to being true to fashion. The possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to experiment with different styles. Let fashion be an open door for your own creativity.
Much love in the new year!

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