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So another Chinook wind rolled in last night, driving is tolerable again and walking in heels is the norm again. Supposedly we're said to have this weather for most of the week! What better time to break out the style after walking around in multiple layers of long johns, triple sweaters and the "Ugg" boots for translation the "Urrrrghh boots! ;) Strutting the streets, clicking and clacking up and down the pavementBlockquotes and listening to U-Tern's latest Best Of 2008 Mix makes it seem like Spring will come knocking any day now. Since the dressing slutty posts from Viceland, I just can't stop thinking about the plaid dress in the picture above and yesterday Taryn @ Worth found this shirt/dress at OakNYC's website...

Photo courtesy of OakNYC
On sale!! From $176 to $88 and yah...how dismayed were we when we saw the out of stock notice?! Not very happy!
After going over Jak and Jil's week, I can't believe I didn't see the picture below. The lady in the middle captures my attention. The simplicity of her outfit is something that I love. After seeing a multiple array of stilletoes, short skirts, tights and slim fitted pants, this is an outfit that I feel is for the workers of the trade. I wonder who she is. This picture is also visually stunning because of the dynamics of the photograph, the three main characters have their left foot forward, the three have almost the same kind of expression on their face like they are all experiencing the same emotion at that very moment. Is that box heavy? Is she checking her important work voicemail? Is the lady on the far right an intern? Alot can be taken from a photograph.
Photo courtesy of Jak+Jil
The Unisex look is a look that I really like, it's exciting because for the retail world and fashion boutiques in the city I think this will be something that would be nice to be seen somewhere in Calgary, it makes me wonder if the women of Calgary will be seen sporting blazers and widecut jeans. Stefano Pilati has taken pieces from the Yves Saint Laurent's Menswear collection and made it structurally sound for women. The unisex collection is said to launch in February and has already been photographed for Vogue USA's February Issue.

Photo courtesy of Style.com
The House of Style blogger Marian, pulls off her own individualistic take on the matter. Love love her Tweed blazer!

Who were the women of Fashion in 2008? ----> Find out ---> Here!

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