Milan Men's Fall 2009


D4V said...

I love the Etro stuff..

KimLeeStar said...

oooooh Garrett!!! I die for these!!! I can just see you in the Gianfranco Ferre sweaters and scarves!!!

Ooooooh! I die for Etro, the minute I make enough money to splurge on something nice, i'm buying myself a dress!!!!!! even if it's from a past season I don't care!!!!

KimLeeStar said...

ooooh and the double breasted suits!!! very nice, loving the direction!

Garrett said...

Ugghhh I know! I love them! and the coats, and the bags ahhhhhhh

selina said...

your posts make me drool garret. gotta wipe up this keyboard.

Michael said...

Prada is always amazing. I can't believe how Dolce and Gucci always seem to stay the same.

Loving the yellow leather jacket by Belstaff!

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