It's not even as cold in Manhattan as it is in Calgary and the almighty Blaire Waldorf donned a pair of the widely hated Ugg boot a couple of weeks ago. I was just reading a post on Fashionista about the increased numbers of sales on Ugg boots this Winter in the States. Ugg boots are a necessary comfort for people who have to face harsh weather conditions. When it's cold outside and it's -30 degrees or a snowstorm just happened this is where the word "Uggs" should be inserted into a person's vocabulary. There are certain things that should never have become a trend as people are quick to hate trends and rule them out as unnecessary items.

The basics of when and not when to wear Uggs are in the video below:

My Uggs aren't shiny or new but beat-up and haggard and if you want my advice, they are some of the best shoes to travel in and a really good way to stay warm when it's cold outside.
I consider them to be the new-snowshoe.

Which would you prefer?



joke said...

the lady in the video is funny. she obviously didn't do her research because uggs were originally created for surfers on beaches in WARM weather.

im not an ugg fan but the woman could atleast get her facts straight.

KimLeeStar said...

That is a fact that she did indeed get wrong becuase wool acts as an insulator that keeps you warm in cold climates and cool in warm climates.

The thing to pay attention is that a. rocking Uggs and skirts is not "fashionable". They are not a "fashion" item like a pair of Laboutin heels would be. This is the point I was trying to get across they are an item of necessity.

KimLeeStar said...

The thing about Uggs as well is that for surfers on "warm beaches"...they are moving between different temperatures so from water to land is a whole different situation. They were created by this dude named Brian Smith (Australian) who's intentions for the Ugg boot were to keep surfers warm after surfing which also allowed them to walk over sand and different terrain after surfing.
So again...Uggs are not a fashion item and really weren't created for "warm weather" per say.

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