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Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 09 Ad Campaign
(oooooof pretty boys!)
Pic from www.frillr.com

- Spring 2009 Metallics
- Andre Dosunmu- Photographer
- Kanye Feels KL
- Swedish Girls who don't look Swedish
- Calgary's Joke Taiwo is the featured designer of the week to share her designers inspiration on the Project Runway Website
- Kid Champagne Dirty Needles Mix
- The perfect flats
- Isn't this cute?
- Is that a goatee!?
- Are people shopping less due to the recession?
- Milan's Menswear Fashion Week Starts Tooooday!!!!
- The new Unlimited Magazine issue looks promising! It's actually a pretty good read, check out the new issue of Alberta Views as well! There are some great articles on art exhibits in Calgary, the change in response to online publications and citizen journalism. There's some pretty neat stuff in there! Oops I lied, I have the issue before January's! But check it out anyways always a good read!

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that ad is so slick! really like it
happy wknd honey x

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