Eeeek Reading Break! Not much reading lots of sleeping!

So we have been extremely slow over the week but alas we are back and working hard on keeping up with the rest of the month.

It's been an interesting month, I've been contacted for the first time about Calgary Fashion as an entity by media outlets twice in the same month. Which for us is very exciting!

Lincoln Philips, a very talented reporter with the Calgary Herald, stylist and fellow blogger interviewed me for his style column that comes out every week. I was fortunate to be in the Herald this week tooting our little horn about Calgary Fashion and my style preferences. A really lovely photographer came by and took my photograph for the column. Rather cool I must say!

I scrutinized everything printed, maybe it's the journalist in me but it really is pleasing when what is written about you makes you happy and reflects you for exactly who you are. I would say I am really pleased about the article and really honored that Lincoln asked me to be in his column!

To read the column go here ------------> On the (blog) spot for Fashion

I also did a guest spot for CJSW on Sunday evening!! Radio is a lot of fun! It's nice to be able to put a voice to words! Thank you Monice for making that happen for us!

It was New York Fashion Week last week and it's over! Insert sad face here!
I am really amazed and greatful for the coverage done by Vancouver bloggers from Stylefinds and The Conveyor Belt. They did an awesome job of twittering by the second and got some fabulous photographs. They did a very good job and I am very proud of them for taking that step forward!!! Way to go to put Canadian fashion bloggers on the map!

Click the images below to visit both the Conveyor Belt and Stylefinds.

Miss Sixty
William Rast
Photography by Kris Krug

The Links รก la Mode for this week are up!

Coming up for the rest of the week/end:
  • So we all know the drop crotch is mad this season! But did you know Calgary has been home to the drop crotch pant for a couple of years now?.......Yah, that's what we said! Stay Tuned for more! Feature for Friday!
  • Did Brandon seriously not know who Yves Saint Laurent was? Seriously? Find out what the newest Project Runway contestant to leave the show has to say about all that on Saturday
Hope you are all resting! Enjoy the links!


D4V said...

Congrats Kim.. Keep up the great work!. :)

KimLeeStar said...

Thanks David!!! :) It's soooo weird being on the other side!!

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