Lately I have been thinking more on what to do when done with school in April.
Even though I will be interning for magazines till December, I feel the need to travel.
I have been craving Nigeria more than ever these past couple of weeks and with the mass amount of This Day/Arise sponsored events at New York Fashion Week and now London Fashion Week, the urge to explore the Nigerian fashion scene is at an ultimate high now. With more freedom to do what I want without being tied down to school I think I should take up traveling for a bit!

I'm thinking a fashion back packing adventure is in order!

The pictures below are from, designer and fashion blogger, Akpos Okudu, who I went to high-school with, she lives in Port Harcourt city which is where I spent most of my high-school days. It really does excite me when I hear about the fashion industry in Nigeria. 6 years ago there was no fashion glossy and no fashion bloggers or even young designers sharing their work with a massive audience and now it is literally exploding. I cannot wait to visit.

Aren't her photos adorable?

Interested in the Nigerian Fashion Scene?

Check these links out:

You can find Akpos on her very own blog: Ijaw Girl

And for great in depth Nigerian Fashion news: Bella Naija who started as a blog and has moved on to bigger brighter things in the Nigerian fashion industry.

So inspiring.

Hey check out this video on Ayo, an Afro-German singer songwriter found at Style.com
Thanks Emmanuel for the link!

Photos courtesy of Akpos Okudu.

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