I'm A Barbie Girl...

Well not really, as a kid I did have a wack load of Barbie dolls, however I just wasn't one for dolls. My sister was more of the Barbie Girl than I was. Anyways, catching up on all the videos from New York Fashion Week, last week and the Barbie show was definately something I would have been excited to watch. Just because the dresses are cute and I really like the shoes the models have on, they are: "like seriously Barbie!!" lol!

Okay don't laugh but I really was a fan of Aqua yeaarrrsss ago.

"Commmon Barbie let's go party!!!"


Garrett said...

ahahaha i love aqua

Julio Cesar said...

Oh My Gosh... I know every word off AQUA's first album. I loved it. But who didn't??

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