Love Day

Happy Valentines day everybody!!
As usual it's cold out but at least we have New York Fashion Week and the hard work being done by the Vancouver fashion bloggers to bring us the latest and up to the minute info on what's going down across the border!

In Calgary, things have been good, lots of events happening every week and the submission call for Factory Party 5 has been launched!

We've all been in separate directions doing our own thing and yesterday i'm pretty sure members of Calgary Fashion could be found at The ACAD fourth year photo show, Collectively Eclectic's Legacies: The Battle Show, and other major events.

It seems like the flu is slowly catching up with me but I am fighting it. I spent Friday evening inside although I really did plan to go to some of the events happening. Just way too tired and exhausted!

Thursday was TWESTIVAL and it rocked. It was really cool to put a face to all my Twitter buddies!

Anyways so Links Galore today, think of it as sharing the love with you all.

Hope you are all having a somewhat romantic day!



The Conveyor Belt covers New York Fashion Week

Stylefinds at the ThisDay/Arise Magazine Fashion Show (New York Fashion Week)
The Modern Leisure Call for Sumbissions Factory Party 5

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selina said...

get better lady! i'm toughing out a cold that couldn't come at a worst time - i don't have time in my schedule for this! take the opp to rest for a bit!

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