Back to the future

Now I for some reason thought Mr. Calvin Klein
only made jeans and basics. Well I was surprised
to see that I was dead wrong! His spring 2009
collection is crisp and classic cool.

For the women it's simple whites but with great
angles and shapes which is great because it's not
just a boring piece and it's easy to wear and still look

The men's is really well fitted suits but some
of them have bold color such as red and yellow!
And it all is very now and futuristic which I am
a huge fan of!

Look at the rest of his collection
There are for sure some must have's!

Photographs courtesy of CalvinKlein.com

Calvin Klein


Michael said...

I adore Francisco Costa for CK. His women's is fab. On the other hand I hate the men's. It's like 80's overkill, but I do believe that the men's legging was brought in by the men's collection a few seasons ago.

Edwin said...

Really? I enjoy the men's. Perhaps all the monochromatic colours are a touch too much for everyday, but individually I really appreciate the cut and choice of colour. And, yes, I aggree the women's range is genius.

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