Day 1: Toronto Fashion Week

I landed in Toronto this morning at 6:40 AM to begin my adventures at Toronto Fashion Week.  After lethargically dragging my oversized entourage of luggage through the airport, and quickly commuted to the wonderful air mattress waiting for me at my friend's apartment.  I crashed for a couple hours and then made my way to Nathan Phillips Square to collect my industry pass.  

When I arrived at the tents, I was met by Fashion Week's "Show Love" theme immediately.  The tents are accompanied by ceramic, pink poodles standing guard, pink carpets, and the general buzz of an amazing week about to commence.  

The big, burly security guards at the numerous entries seemed less enthused about the impressive assemblage of fashion folk, occasional celebrity or television personality, but for the diehard fashion lover inside of me, I felt that this is what fashion is all about.  Events like Toronto Fashion Week give those within the industry a chance to finally meet each other and the rare opportunity to collectively celebrate the raw talent in Canada.  

It took all day to receive my industry pass, which failed to surprise me because nothing goes as planned during fashion events.  Now that I have my pass I will begin to soak in the week's festivities.

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Raymond Chow said...

How about that long delay getting the David Dixon shows rolling huh? You would think they would have learned by now after so many of his shows. Let's see how they deal with Andy The-Anh's show later this week ;-)

Mel said...

oh my gosh do not even get me started, hahaha.

fashion people, I swear ;)

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