Day 4 LG Fashion Week

It's been go go go and I have finally made it to LG Fashion Week.

I can't begin to explain how much of an honour this is for Calgary Fashion.
In the beginning it was clear that of course there are glitches in the system of the way things work but to be surrounded by a majority of Canada's most influential people in fashion is more than I can ask for.

From Calgary, I have run into Lara Presber and Paul Hardy was on site but I must have missed him. I also witnessed the final collections of the Project Runway Contestants. I'm not allowed to say much about the show but I can tell you that each designer has done a phenomenal job.

Aime Luxury was an interesting first show for a collection, of course not everybody can be the big cahuna with their first collection showing but Aime held up and had a couple pieces that i'm sure will delight.

It's mayhem mayhem and more mayhem, what does one do when Coco Rocha walks by followed by Iman and all her people other than stop in your tracks and drool.

Very very powerful women and men in the building.

There are so many bloggers out here and I have finally met Danielle Meder at Final Fashion, I'm also running into fellow bloggers of our scale and it's honestly more than I could ever ask for.

I am shy and timid at the moment but I think the reality of what could be the future for Calgary Fashion is not only exciting but inspiring.

More updates to come.

With love from LG Fashion Week.



Jeff A. Hardy said...

nice blog. I am regular reader of this blog

Miss SLY! said...

Very nice indeed, well done!

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