Italian Quilts

Ammmaaazzziing knitwear by Sandra Backlund and Maglificio Miles
These designs immediately caught my eye. They have a very unique looking texture to them, and it makes me want to just reach out and feel them.

If you aren't already familiar with Dazed & Confused magazine I suggest you take a look!
Check out Sandra's interview and more pictures at Dazed Digital

Photos courtesy of dazeddigital.com


Michael said...

They kind of remind me of Gareth Pugh. I love Dazed. So amazing. I swear I jump on it when I see it in Chapters.

nono said...

موضوع جميل شكرا جزيل

Leah said...

They look amazing. I would like to see them on a lighter bust form so I can see the details better but they are incredible.

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