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Over the last three to four months I have trashed all of my jeans, a majority of my shoes and my pea coat. More so than ever I am realizing the importance of purchasing quality products that not only look great, but will be able to withstand Calgary weather and my go-go-go lifestyle. Below are some of my top picks of things I use everyday.

I love looking all dressed up ... but I hate how uncomfortable most dress shoes are. S***r London give me the wonderful solution of producing the perfect Dressy-Sneaker shoe. My favourite line of theirs is the 'Dean'. Their online site has a great layout with an ever-changing selection. However, if you want to get them locally, Gravity Pope (524 17th Ave SW) usually has a small selection.

Just before Christmas, I was on the hunt for a ring. I quickly realized how difficult it was going to be to find a unique Men's ring that was not over the top with Skulls/Crosses. It took me about a month to find the 'perfect' ring - and "boy oh boy" was I glad to find it! A gorgeous blend of concrete and stainless Steel. The company is called KonZuk, and is owned and operated in Calgary by Karen Konzuk. What makes the design so distinguishable is the blend of materials used in each piece. You can check out her incredible selection of pieces in person, and I strongly suggest you do so, at Shed (1022 17th Ave SW).

I needed something big, durable and of course phenomenally fantastic.Whether it be full of traveling supplies, camera gear, books or small little animals, my Worn Canvas Bag holds it all comfortably. Paul Smith will never cease to satisfy my needs ... except he continues to hurt my Visa.

Speaking of my Visa card ... why not have a fabulous place to store the piece of plastic? An Aspinal of London multi coloured faux-snakeskin wallet did the trick! This was actually a gift from my parents, and unfortunately is no longer available online. However the website has some other gems worth checking out. One thing I love about this European company is how they mix the classic with the quirky - not to mention the quality of materials they use deserve an A+.

Oh, and I was kidding about carrying around small little animals in my bag!

Photo's courtesy of S***r London, KonZuk , Paul Smith and Aspinal of London


Michael said...

Love that Paul Smith bag. I bought a pair of S***R black brogues at the Gravity Pope in Van. They have patent and suede weaving on the toe. I'm just scared to wreck them in such crapper weather.

davidj said...

Mine have held up well ... but I am also slightly worried to wear them outside with the current state of slush. I need it to be Summer - Right now!

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