Nick Knight & Gareth Pugh

Ruth Hogben has now created a short fashion film using Nick Knight's amazing photographic imagery. Knight shot these images for last October's issue of DAZED&CONFUSED, featuring Designer Gareth Pugh 08/09 pieces.
When I first saw the kaleidoscopic wonder, I was blown away. This was true artistic vision come to fruition. Using Matthew Stone's hypnotizing electronic sound, there is a mixed effect being created. The symmetry is calm and eerie while the models themselves break the balance. They all seem to be in some trance. Perhaps a conflict within?

Entrapment in a foreign place where folklore meets the insane.
I am in love with the multitude of mediums and the collaborative efforts of so many designers.


KimLeeStar said...

Saw this last night! Very very cool!

davidj said...

The images are incredible

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